‪Mittpunkten på Österlen‬
‪Mittpunkten på Österlen‬
‪אנדרטאות ופסלים‬‪נקודות עניין וציוני דרך‬

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Christer C
‪Sundbyberg‬, שוודיה370 שיתופים
חברים • ‪נוב׳ 2019‬
‪We visited Smedstorp on the 17th of November, and got pointed at a red ball close to the small railway station - ”that’s the middle point of Österlen” our host told us. I tried to find the landmark in TripAdvisor but it wasn’t there to find. I put in an suggestion to TripAdvisor for a new ”to-do-thing” in Smedstorp and there it is now. You can find the landmark, the red ball on its stand, just close to the railway station and you must go there if you are in Smedstorp or passing through the small village. I look forward to seeing many selfies with you and the red ball - go for it my friends. Our photos are number one and two, who will be number three! ‬
‪Written 23 בנובמבר 2019‬
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