‪Voilier Morgkan‬

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‪Voilier Morgkan‬
‪פעילויות נוספות בחיק הטבע‬

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פריס, צרפת‪2 contributions‬
‪Morgkan de toi!‬
חברים • ספט׳ 2017
‪We were a motley crew of 5 French and American fresh water sailors (i.e. most at ease in our bathtubs) crazy enough to embark for a week long cruise on Morgkan. The challenge: 2 of us were usually seasick in a car, one was allergic to the sun, one believed water to be generally unpleasantly wet, one thought the Greek isles were all the same so why bother. 7 days later, under the excellent care provided by Dr. B. (a.k.a Captain Bertrand) and in the smooth arms of Morgkan, we were all cured of our respective ills. The medical treatment: sailing gorgeous waters, finding the most beautiful natural swimming pools in all kinds of unpredictable weathers and islands, eating the best food in the Cyclades -the good doctor is also a Chef whose table deserves 3 stars on my Michelin guide- and, last but not least, being on the most beautiful boat in the Cyclades (and being well aware of it ;-).
The prescription now is to return to Morgkan for our annual cure, so we can live a very, very long life. That is, unless Heaven looks exactly like the Greek isles on Morgkan, in which case, were I to die too soon, I might agree to forfeit a year or two. But no more.

Bertrand, thanks a million. Ça valait la peine d'attendre. À l'an prochain, comme prévu et promis!‬
‪Written 18 בספטמבר 2017‬
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Louisa B
אוקספורד, UK‪5 contributions‬
חברים • יולי 2015
‪I asked my son to look for a sailing holiday for family and friends in the Kikladhes (to mark a significant milestone). He struck gold with the Voilier Morgkan, a queen of the seas, and captain Bertrand Benoit her consort. With his deep knowledge of the sea & sailing, and of the islands, and having rebuilt the Morgkan himself, Bertrand has left nothing to chance. She is a great beauty with much character and an impressive amount of space for her guests. Not content to rest a minute, Bertrand, as well as managing all the sailing single-handed also magicked up unforgettable meals in the tiny galley and from an ingenious barbeque on the prow. The ingredients are sourced locally from his farming and fishermen friends on the islands we visited. All fresh and definitely organic. The tomatoes are a dream. The cabins are extremely comfortable - and sleeping on the deck under the stars is also a good option. Bertrand knows where and how to anchor in the best spots for exceptional swimming in aquamarine bays. A great amount of thought and love has produced an experience of great joy for those lucky enough to step into Bertrand and Morgkan's marvellous world. A big thank you Bertrand from all of us. A la prochaine ...

‪Written 29 ביולי 2015‬
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דות'ן, אלבמה‪124 contributions‬
‪Epic Weeklong Cruise‬
משפחה • יוני 2015
‪We found M. Benoit through the charter service Archipelclub and booked a weeklong cruise of the Cyclades. What a fantastic trip! Bertrand is a true Renaissance man who dearly loves his boat and is clearly pleased to share it with others. He is an extremely capable sailor, a consummate professional, a fantastic cook and a gracious host. I cannot say enough good things about our trip, about the boat or about our very capable captain Monsieur Bertrand Benoit. It was truly a trip of a lifetime and a real privilege.‬
‪Written 15 ביוני 2015‬
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נורת' ווילס, UK‪4,908 contributions‬
‪Wonderful day never to be forgotten!‬
חברים • יוני 2014
‪We saw this boat on Trip Advisor just before setting out to Katapola and we contacted Bertrand on our arrival on the island. We had a look round the boat and we took a day trip from Katapola. We arrived at 10 and the trip finished at 8 at night. We took our passports, swimming costumes plus spare, towels and sun cream. On our arrival Bertrand offered us a drink while he completed the formalities with the port authorities, that is why you need your passports! We sailed from Katapola to the famous site of the wrecked ship that was used in the famous French film The Big Blue. Bertrand can recite lines from the film if you want! We took pictures and he asked us if we wanted to swim off the boat but we decided to keep that for later. We sailed past two tiny islands and Bertrand will give you the history and information for any sight that you pass as you sail along. We anchored up in a bay near Kyros with goats and a donkey watching us we swam off the boat. There is a ladder that allows you to climb the side of the boat and slip in to the water. The sea was so clear and blue you could see little fish and off the boat we saw two orange striped fish. There are awnings on the boat to protect you from the sun. There are padded mats with pillows that you can move to different parts of the boat to sunbathe. There is a tiny toilet which was immaculately kept. Whilst we were swimming Bertrand was preparing lunch. We started with crisps and nuts and we tried a sweet Amorgos wine and Raki produced by a friend of Bertrand's. We opted for lager and red wine. The lunch was fresh green spinach cooked with rocket and tiny beetroots on top, greek salad, roast spicy potatoes, beef burgers and Fava dip, bread. Most of the produce was home grown by Bertrand's friends. Dessert was fresh apricots and cherries decorated with ice, see photos. We had chocolate chip cookies and either tea or coffee and more chocolate chip cookies! Delicious food! Later on in the afternoon following our siesta Bertrand made us pink Gin and Tonics as taught to him by British sailors! We sailed back and Bertrand raised the sails in an attempt to fully sail back but due to the wind conditions this was not possible. On arrival in port we expected to disembark but Bertrand offered us another pink gin and we sat down to chat about the day and enjoy the gin and bitter lemon. My husband has sailed and was desperate to help but Bertrand manages the boat single handed. We should have mentioned at the start of the day that he would like to join in with the practical sailing aspects! I wish we had known about the boat prior to our visit and we would have booked a couple of nights sailing and sleeping on board. It would be huge fun with a group of 8 friends. The boat has two cabins with double beds and one cabin with four bunk beds. There are two toilets each with a shower. Bertrand has his own cabin at the front of the boat. He mentioned that when you sleep over night he likes to buy fish from the local fishermen and moor in a bay and barbecue, which sounds lovely. Thanks for the wonderful experience Bertrand as you said to us it will be a day that you never forget! The cost including drinks and lunch was 122 euros per person for the 10 hour trip. Thanks Bertrand.‬
‪Written 29 ביוני 2014‬
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