‪EX Theater Roppongi‬
‪EX Theater Roppongi‬
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לבד • ‪פבר׳ 2018‬
‪TOKYO is packed with live music stages of all sizes ranging from claustrophobic clubs such as the Cyclone in Shibuya (which is mystery to me how they can survive a fire inspection having double meat locker type doors that can be locked from the outside making it the perfect trap!) to huge venues such as Tokyo Dome, Saitama Superarena etc.

For my taste there is a sweet spot in size somewhere between O-East and Zepp and the sweetest of those would be Roppongi EX and Stellar Ball in Shinagawa. Both have impeccable sound systems and not so antiquated light systems that most Tokyo live venues feature (compared to EU and US venues and clubs) - pyrotechnics and elaborate multimedial Installations are still super rare in Japan despite the high prices for the tickets.

Roppongi EX has excellent acoustics, which the touring bands seem to be able to handle well, a good floor to stand and jump on, several standing levels with crowd control bars so that you can really enjoy your favorite band’s performance.

The facilities are super clean and state of the art, plenty of lockers with coin changing machines and the whole place is managed very professionally.

Two areas of potential for improvement:
1. I find 300 yen for a small locker rather stiff.
2. The line to the bar to exchange your drink token for a beer is absolutely dreadful. It leaves the impression that it is clearly organized this way to discourage patrons from getting what is rightfully theirs: the drink they paid for. That’s just shameful for an otherwise really nice product and takes away one point from an otherwise 6-point = perfect rating!‬
‪Written 20 בפברואר 2018‬
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