‪Yorkshire Three Peaks Walk‬

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‪Yorkshire Three Peaks Walk‬

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‪Very good‬

David T
בריטניה‪18 contributions‬
‪Long day made easier by all the work they've put in to improve the path‬
אוק׳ 2021
‪Contrary to many guides to this walk the route is now very clear with waymarks/signs and (usually) a good surface. Brilliant steps up most of the steep bits too. Extra points to Philpins campsite for leaving their barn open even when everything else closed - a haven out of the rain!‬
‪Written 7 באוקטובר 2021‬
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‪Brigg‬, UK‪99 contributions‬
‪Hard but memorable walk‬
זוגות • ספט׳ 2021
‪Did this walk for the second time yesterday
Its a very hard but enjoyable walk
Will leave you feeling sore and tired but you will remember it forever.
Make sure to pack plenty of supplies as the weather can change instantly.
We started in horton in ribblesdale and parked there and enjoyed a pint in the Crown after. ‬
‪Written 4 בספטמבר 2021‬
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קינגסטון אפון האל, UK‪77 contributions‬
‪Exhausting experience, but very satisfying on completion‬
אוג׳ 2021
‪We stayed at the Marton Arms in Ingleton, which is close to Chapel-Le-Dale, so we started here. We were not part of a group, and so the official car park was not available to us, so we parked in a lay by a little further up. We therefore tackled Ingleborough first. With fresh legs and a lot of enthusiasm this was relatively easy, despite the horrendous weather. By the time we got to the top, visibility was very low due to the mist and rain, but we got to the top in quite quick time. So we set off towards Horton to tackle Pen-Y-Ghent. There are toilets and facilities at Horton. After a short break we set off again. This was when our thighs particularly started to feel it. Towards the top, there is no path as such, just rocks for you to step on, I felt this was a little dangerous due to the sheet drop, but nobody else seemed bothered, so perhaps I was just being a bit of a wimp. At the bottom of Pen-Y-Ghent I almost gave up and followed the road back to Horton (about 1.5 miles), but I am glad that I carried on. We then faced the lonnngggg trek to Whernside. By the time we got to the viaduct, all three of us were close to giving up, partly due to exhaustion, but also the terrible weather, but we carried on. Again, as we ascended, visibility was low. It felt as though we were never going to get to the top, but we did! The descent down was fine and we were soon back at the car in Chapel-Le-Dale 11 hours later. I am glad we persevered and completed the whole challenge. I was very glad for my waterproof clothes and proper hiking boots. I would say the walk was fairly well signposted, but I would advise a map as well if you are not part of a guided group. Depending on your fitness, I would recommend some cardio training beforehand if possible. I didn't do much and had to keep stopping on the ascents, though this was not a big problem. Although I hated it as we were doing it (mostly due to the weather) I am glad I did do it, though I will not be doing it again.‬
‪Written 11 באוגוסט 2021‬
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Lucy B
‪2 contributions‬
‪A great Yorkshire Day out‬
חברים • מאי 2021
‪This was a fun day and a real challenge. Not just a long amble in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales but a hike with pace and some steep climbing. Fitness is important/ you’ll need to have had long periods of time on your feet and strong thighs!
Three Peaks Challenge Ltd was an excellent choice for us: a slick operation and a fantastic guide, Dan, for our group of 10 women. Dan balanced his role as guide and host perfectly - offering motivation when we needed it & keeping us in check to achieve the goal of finishing within 12 hrs (in fact we made it home in 11). Our team was evenly matched for fitness and speed and we generally walked together as a group. There was a lot of communication between groups by the guides so no one got left behind. We all got to have a great chat and laughs along the way. The June weather was absolutely perfect - sunny, warm but not too hot - but still cold and windy at the top of each peak.
A few things to mention:
Only one proper loo stop at about 3.5 hrs in (at Horton). Other than that, it’s wild wees all the way.
Take poles, your knees will thank you.
Don’t underestimate how important snacks become - take lots: some sweet, some savoury.
There are 2 water refilling opportunities, so you’ll need to carry at least 1.5 l. A camel water bag is good.
There’s no lunchtime: it’s a graze-as-you-go type affair
There is a stop for coffee and chocolate mini rolls provided by the company before the viaduct at Ribblesale.
Layers layers layers. It’s hot, then it’s windy, then it’s really cold at the top of the hill. You’ll need gloves.
Take a cap that won’t get blown off your head.

A lovely day. Very challenging. Very rewarding. Good people! Go team 11!‬
‪Written 14 ביוני 2021‬
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‪90 contributions‬
חברים • יוני 2021
‪Great day, first peak smashed before 8am,2nd peak smashed then the hard work really set in. By the time you get up and down the first 2 peaks, your getting tired, feet are getting sore and the last walk between pen-y-gent and whernside is a mammoth walk. Doable but this is where you find you have to dig deep and push on. We were a group of 5 and we all finished the challenge the guides Chris and Ben were brilliant, how they run about in them mountains checking everyone's OK I don't know. We were amazed by their knowledge and support throughout. I freaked out at the summit of pen-y-gent just before we got to the top and Chris was there. He just has that radar for people and he knew I was gona freak. He was right there by my side till i got over the the edge to the top. I will be forever grateful to the lad for his help. Not just there but the whole way through. The reality of this challenge hits you here and there as your going. But what a feeling when your stood on top of whernside looking at where you've been and how far you've came. It's surreal, what an achievement I'm so proud of my team and myself we did it. Thank you for the opportunity it was brill.
We can hardly walk today but it's worth it.‬
‪Written 13 ביוני 2021‬
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Keith D
סיינט הלנס, UK‪224 contributions‬
‪A good day in the dales.‬
אוק׳ 2020
‪I have done this walk numerous times over the years , the latest being October 2020 in just over 6 hours and I have done it the traditional route, reverse and starting on different mountains first.
It is a good day out with decent rail connections at Ribblehead and Horton in ribblesdale if you don't drive.
There is plenty of camping around both Horton and on the road out to Ingleton near Ribblehead and several bunk houses in the area.
The best time to do this is summer for the longer days.
As with any longer hike (or run) do not underestimate it simply because lots of people complete it every year, even in summer it is not unusual to be in the cloud for the first couple of summits, you will usually get wet at some stage.
You should always have food, drink, map and mountain kit. Some sections are Clint and Gryke so good boots or fell shoes are a must, particularly when it is wet as it is very smooth in places, ankle rolling stuff.
Depending on your route you will have at least 1 steep ascent and should be relatively fit to complete the route, 5100 feet of climbing overall regardless of your route.
Currently the footpath up onto Ingleborough from Whernside is closed at the top so there is a steep detour by the stone wall 1/4 mile to the left and mid week there was absolutely nothing open in Horton so do not rely on buying what you need when you get there.
Over the last few years the footpaths have improved dramatically but knowledge of the route and a map is still a must as the weather can close in and there are lengths without signage.‬
‪Written 8 באוקטובר 2020‬
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‪1 contribution‬
‪Challenge and a half!‬
ספט׳ 2020
‪Did the Three Peaks Walk for the second time anti-clock wise which is the usual way round. In August 2019 did it in 10hrs 30, three of us for Charity. Two of us this time. Very windy this time on the 13th September 20. All three tops in the cloud low visibility and very windy.
Pen-y-gent was a quick climb this time round, both of us had been walking Lake District mountains for practice weeks earlier (and you certainly need it!). The last bit on Pen-y-gent is quite an awkward climb and not for those afraid of heights. I’m not good at heights and did not look down!
Straightforward but very long walk to Whernside. We stopped too long for lunch just before. Long but not too hard a climb to the top of Whernside but you needed good coats and fleeces even in early September. The difference between the bottom and top is quite marked. I’ve been up before in September with hail on the top and sunny at the bottom.
Steep climb down and a good cafe for refreshments before Ingleborough.
We were ahead of our previous time and on time to complete in 10 hrs!
Until Ingleborough and the new Diversion due to footpath repairs. The temporary route was a nightmare. I had misjudged my energy levels and not eaten enough. It was muddy and wet and continuously steep! Definitely harder than the previous route and it adds three quarters of a mile. The narrow path to the summit along the top was quite treacherous and muddy. From being ahead of time we were now well off and it was beginning to get dark.
Long walk back to Horton and the sign posts are definitely lying. One hell of a long three quarters of a mile between 2 and 3/4’s and 2 miles to Horton and the last one mile signposted seems to take forever. Doesn’t help when it’s dark. Luckily had torches.
12 and half hours! Ingleborough did us in again.
It’s a tough one when you’ve been walking hours and climbed two already. You definitely need proper equipment and a good understanding of the route and alternatives if you need to make an exit of the route. 1st time was lovely until a thunderstorm chased us back to Horton. Not good holding metal walking sticks in the middle of a storm and you’re the highest point in the landscape
Awesome walk though. Always wonder why I did it with the pain and fear of heights but it’s invigorating and I want to do it again and again!‬
‪Written 15 בספטמבר 2020‬
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Bells Paws
‪3 contributions‬
‪Poor service and unreasonable‬
אוג׳ 2020
‪If I could leave 0 stars I would. I tried numerous times to contact Large Outdoors but only received an (unhelpful) email reply very late. I booked a trip quite last minute but due to COVID-19 had to cancel and I did so asap within 24 hours. I explained all this in an email. No response. Found it very hard to make any contact with Large Outdoors at all, and when I eventually did they were sharp, unpleasant and anonymous. In the circumstances, I feel they were unreasonable not to refund my money especially when they incurred no costs and I had told them in advance. They seem to have no customer service and a poor attitude. I wouldn't want to go with them next time‬
‪Written 15 בספטמבר 2020‬
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בריטניה‪772 contributions‬
‪A good day out‬
חברים • ספט׳ 2020
‪Started at 6.30am from Horton-in-Ribblesdale and walked for 11 hours with Ingleborough as our first peak. It rained for a lot of the day which made the trip even more challenging. I didn’t really train for this and am a little overweight, but managed to get round OK even if feeling tired and aching afterwards. A great day out if you’re looking to achieve something. About 24 miles in total.‬
‪Written 7 בספטמבר 2020‬
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סטוקפורט, UK‪16 contributions‬
‪Challenging walk‬
אוג׳ 2020
‪Good to start at Pen y ghent from Horton in Ribblesdale, but a real scramble on the Pennine way to the summit, not obvious which rocks to climb. Wouldn't recommend decending that way. Good signage coming down, and worth a detour to see Hull Pot. Not so well signed up on Whernside or Ingleborough, especially with current diversions‬
‪Written 5 בספטמבר 2020‬
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