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‪Zoo La Rupe‬
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London‪65 contributions‬
‪A lovely little zoo with a star in Noa‬
משפחה • יוני 2019
‪We visited this lovely little zoo in a tiny Abruzese village with low expectations but it has some lovely, well looked after animals including the lovely and very tame Noa, an orphaned lion cub raised by the owners who now an adult, is so friendly and loving he just wants to play. He jumps up at the glass like a cat would and comes in very close to anyone who approaches his enclosure. His tameness is a rarity and he is clearly happy and well looked after. The reptiles were a hit with my daughter who got to hold some of them. There are birds of prey and all manner of other birds. Some racoons and boar and a jungle cat. It's not a huge place so takes about an hour and a half to see everything. The staff are polite and friendly, the cafe is well stocked and serves lovely coffee and snacks. We will definitely be back to see Noa and the lovely staff again.‬
‪Written 6 ביוני 2019‬
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Andrew Reed
קרדיף, UK‪14 contributions‬
‪Animal Cruelty at its worst!‬
משפחה • יולי 2015
‪Visiting this place during a family holiday in Italy, there were no cars in the car park so we thought it was closed but turned out we were the only visitors, the guy at the entrance was the same guy serving food and drink so he must of been the only employee, when we starting walking around we noticed the cages that the big cats were in were very small, dirty and the cats all had scabby faces and were lying in their own feceases‬
‪Written 22 ביוני 2016‬
‪This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.‬

Burgess Hill‪8 contributions‬
‪reasonable day out‬
משפחה • אפר׳ 2014
‪Quite expensive to get in and the food in the local cafe wasn't great - on the plus side I have never been as close to a Lion as I have when I came here. Kids loved it!‬
‪Written 1 בנובמבר 2014‬
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‪Charing‬, UK‪224 contributions‬
‪This is not the way to keep animals‬
משפחה • ספט׳ 2013
‪When we pitched up at this privately owned zoo, there was no-one at the kiosk (it was about 3.30) and we could have walked around and gone home without anyone being any the wiser. But we came back later, and someone was there to take our money (he spoke no English - not a problem as I speak Italian). We parted with our €20 for two tickets and walked round. We were directed to go past the lake (which was just a circle of mud at the time) and saw some caged birds, tortoises, monkeys, llamas, zebras, capybaras, a poor tiger who walked in an endless figure of eight and looked frankly neurotic, and various other beasts including wild boar. There is an reptile house with snakes and a cayman, and some big cats. The lynx was particularly charming and kept seeking us out to purr and prance in front of us - maybe she was in season. Overall though, there was evidence of a lack of care with fouled cages and dirty windows. I felt sorry for the animals and some of them were not in great condition. Labelling was good with useful and educational information, and there is a restaurant there which I didn't feel inclined to try out. My son was vaguely amused and entertained by the whole experience, but beyond the ability to see some animals at close quarters, I felt this was not a place I could recommend.‬
‪Written 20 בספטמבר 2013‬
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