‪Chastleton House and Garden‬

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‪Chastleton House and Garden‬
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Oxford‪28 contributions‬
אוק׳ 2021
‪We had a fabulous afternoon here. Can't believe we have'nt discovered this unspoiled gem before. We were bowled over by the beauty of the place and its setting. Highlight was the long attic room with its amazing ceiling and carvings. Fascinating slice of history. Can't wait to go again. Volunteers were friendly and helpful and there is a helpful video to fill in the historic gaps. Cake and tea at church next door were delicious.‬
‪Written 6 באוקטובר 2021‬
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טונברידג', UK‪720 contributions‬
ספט׳ 2021
‪This was a fantastic surprise for us. The house is virtually unchanged from its completion in 1612 and still has many original pieces of furniture and other artefacts. Even the 400 year buildup of smoky grease on the kitchen ceiling has been left intact. To create this experience 6 years of conservation have been put in by the NT, and visitors are very fortunate that the owners over the centuries lacked the funds to repair and change the house as has happened in so many other places. The guides were really knowledgable and greatly added to our experience.‬
‪Written 19 בספטמבר 2021‬
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נאניטון, UK‪10 contributions‬
ספט׳ 2021
‪We visited here on a Saturday afternoon not expecting a lot from our visit. However, we were pleasantly suprised by the house and how interesting it was when we stepped inside. Upon entering you can smell a log fire burning from the great hall which was the first room you come to after the hall way. There are spokespeople in a few of the more significant rooms of the house telling you of the history and decor of the walls. However, we were a little disappointed as the person in the first room (great hall) only welcomed us in and didn't tell us alot about that room which later impacted a story told upstairs. It wasn't explained to us by reception or entry staff that there would be little to no information around the house and we would have to rely on the spokespeople to talk us through it so we did not know this to start until we got to the next spokesperson which by the time it was too late to go back to the first room we missed out on. Overall a lovely house kept as it was found by the national trust, we throughly enjoyed the creaky floorboards and exploring different parts of the house (especially the kitchen).

We enjoyed tea and cake next door at the church when we had finished our tour.‬
‪Written 19 בספטמבר 2021‬
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Alistair M
נורת'המפטון, UK‪190 contributions‬
ספט׳ 2021
‪From the outside of the property you are not immediately aware of the decline in fortunes of the various former occupants. However, the overwhelming narrative on entering the house relates to the struggles of those that lived here. This narrative is told in the austerity of remaining furnishings and in the information relayed to visitors.

Be aware that there is a reasonable, inclined walk from car park to the front door. Refreshments are not NT, but are served by the local community raising funds from the church next door. Expect tea/coffee and a selection of home-made cakes.

An interesting place, but I wouldn't imagine our grandchildren finding this an absorbing experience.‬
‪Written 13 בספטמבר 2021‬
‪This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.‬

לונדון, UK‪27 contributions‬
משפחה • אוג׳ 2021
‪Beautiful house, gardens and countryside all around. The barrel vaulted gallery on the top floor is the longest in the country and absolutely stunning. There is so much to love and appreciate about the opportunity to explore this incredible old building - not only the unspoilt sense of history to reflect on, but also the generous time and warmth of all the volunteers.

Loved the tea and delicious homemade cake in the churchyard. Quintessential English experience in every respect. We are lucky to have these special places.‬
‪Written 11 בספטמבר 2021‬
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Julie P
‪39 contributions‬
אוג׳ 2021
‪Very interesting property, mainly due to te fact that it is in it's original state. Carpark was a fair walk from the house, too far and steep for my mother-in-law to walk back. A bench near the gates would have been useful. One of the guides was very kind and let her sit down in the hall while we explored the house, unfortunately she found the uneven floors hard to deal with.
The tea and cake ssrved in the nearby church were delicious but no savoury options available. Well worth a visit but not for the faint hearted.‬
‪Written 9 בספטמבר 2021‬
‪This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.‬

John l
פורדינגברידג', UK‪22 contributions‬
ספט׳ 2021
‪The National Trust own this and it is set in the most lovely countryside the house has been left in its original state no restoration works it was excellent with staff on hand to give you the history of the rooms .
Tea ,coffee and cake is served next door in the church organised by the local ladies for charity.
‪Written 3 בספטמבר 2021‬
‪This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.‬

Laura R
בריטניה‪166 contributions‬
זוגות • אוג׳ 2021
‪Fairly decent sized car park, walk down to the house through the field isn’t as bad as first feared. It’s not too steep (although is a bit of a hill) and has gravelled walkways making it a bit easier. The toilets at the car park were not open, which was the first disappointment of the day after a fairly long journey, particularly when it’s then a fair walk down to the house / toilets.

Visiting the house was not a pleasant experience at all. Whilst in the queue the volunteer on the door was talking to some locals in front and made various comments about “staycation people making the traffic horrendous”. As we were on a staycation we felt a bit like we were seen as an inconvenience and not really welcome here.

At the door, we were suddenly told we had to leave rucksacks in a locker which we have no problem with, but no signs or anyone to tell us that prior to queuing. We duly did this and came back only to see the lady in front being waved in with her rucksack on. So obviously a selective rule.

Once inside the house there were no signs telling you where to go and very little information about what was around. Nearly every sign I saw was a “do not touch” sign. We went up some stairs and with still no idea where to go, picked the less crowed room. Room on the left had was crowded with no masks and distancing, room on the right was masked and vaguely distanced. We picked the room on the right to keep us, and others, safe. As people moved, we went to go across to the room we missed as it was too busy, to suddenly be shouted at by a volunteer telling us there was a one way system in place. No one had told us this at any point and no signs saying this. We were then told it was to make it covid safe by stopping people crossing over, fine but why not tell people this or at least have signs up. In fact the whole reason we were having that conversation was because we were trying to do our part of keeping others safe by making room for distancing and avoiding crowds.

We moved on, still no signs telling us which way to go. There were lots of people coming down a staircase so I assumed that wasn’t the right way. The volunteer came out again and told us we had to go up the staircase, so into a busy crowded area, with people coming both ways, which seemed contrary to what we had just been told.

When you come out the house there’s again, no indication of where you go. Perhaps one that says “lockers this way” would be helpful. We wandered aimlessly around some grassed areas and small gardens (not the best NT gardens by a long stretch) until we found where to get our belongings back. We went to watch the video in the stables because we felt we hadn’t really seen or learnt much about the house, but you can’t hear the video because it’s right next to the lockers where families are busy sorting out what to take in / out.

Sadly, this is a property I won’t return to. We left feeling completely unwelcome and that by being in the minority of people wearing masks and trying to distance this was “wrong”.

FYI coffee and cake is on plastic garden chairs amongst the gravestones in the church next door. We gave this a miss.‬
‪Written 30 באוגוסט 2021‬
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‪108 contributions‬
זוגות • אוג׳ 2021
‪Unrestored and all the better for that.
Not much in the way of fine furniture or priceless antiques but plenty in the way of atmosphere.
Lovely garden as well.
We really enjoyed our visit and left wanting to know more about the house and those who lived there.‬
‪Written 17 באוגוסט 2021‬
‪This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.‬

‪Emersons Green‬, UK‪2,203 contributions‬
אוג׳ 2021
‪Having decided to take out National Trust Membership we felt encouraged to see what places of interest were available for us to visit in the Cotswolds during a recent staycation. We read with interest about Chastleton House (near Moreton-in-Marsh) being a residence of the last resident owner as late as 1991.

Nothing strange in this fact I hear you say, but the fact is that the last resident lived there, in a building suffering from increasing disrepair, with nothing other than the most urgent reparations carried out since improvements, made by the previous owners, that took place between the two world wars.

The place is an absolute picture of what it was (cosmetically) like in the 1930’s. With large parts of the house having been closed and uninhabitable, some parts of the house hark back over 400 years. The owner (who died 15 years later) moved out, and the property was bought using the National Heritage Memorial Fund. It was then passed immediately to the National Trust who have been gradually renovating the buildings and gardens over the last 30 years. The plan was was to conserve “the romantic air of decline”, and having seen this for ourselves, it is an interesting time capsule of living history of over 400 years of family life. It is also a story of sympathetic conservation: not removing the feel of what it was like to live in a home that was still totally outdated in the 1950s let alone in the 1980s when the last owner was living there.

There are no on-site catering facilities but the adjacent Church of St Mary sell tea and some donated cakes to raise funds for the church and it’s upkeep. We indulged in a little ‘light fruit cake’ with our cups of tea although the ‘Gooseberry Cake’ was the big hit; but we were too late to get some of that.

It’s quite a distance on narrow roads from the A44 at Little Compton to this very rewarding property and gardens.‬
‪Written 16 באוגוסט 2021‬
‪This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.‬

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