‪Pasaje Maria Cintrano‬

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‪Pasaje Maria Cintrano‬
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Estepona J
אסטפונה, ספרד‪55 contributions‬
‪An amazingly beautiful little place‬
אוג׳ 2020
‪This is an amazing spot.

Bright pink pots, bright pink flowers, a little fountain . . . it fills your eyes with glory.

It was originally somebody's house, with an alley by the side leading down the steps to the street below.

The elderly lady - Maria Cintrano - died, the house was in poor condition, and too small for modern living. Just look at the size of it!

So the Town bought it up, knocked it down, and made this amazing little square for us all to enjoy.

And enjoy it you will, I am sure‬
‪Written 26 בפברואר 2021‬
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‪Hidden beauty‬
לבד • ספט׳ 2015
‪Estepona is full of hidden surprises and this is one of them. A lovely flower filled alleyway in the old town‬
‪Written 29 בספטמבר 2015‬
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אסטפונה, ספרד‪24,743 contributions‬
‪A Wow! moment when you come here!‬
חברים • דצמ׳ 2014

Pasaje María Cintrano. Not many people have ever heard of it, and fewer know where it is. It's a hidden gem, and I'm going to tell you about it.

Get out your Estepona map (from the Tourist Office or your hotel, or on-line with Google Maps). Now find the Calle Santa Ana which starts on the seafront. Go along there, past the pretty little Plaza Manual Alcantara with its stream running down the middle, then you'll come to the Calle Sevilla on your left.

At this moment (Jan 2015) the Calle Sevilla is still very ugly as it hasn't yet reached its turn for beautification, Ignore its ugliness and turn left down there.

Go past the Calle Pequeña on your left and then on your right you'll see it: the Pasaje María Cintrano. Did you ever see anything more enchanting? It is just pure delight!

A real Wow! moment when you see this tiny little square! Just rest here for a while to drink in the beauty.

The whitewashed walls, the trees, the mountains in the background, and those wonderful pink pots. All this adds up to what is many people's favourite spot in all Estepona.

It's called a "Pasaje" - alleyway - rather than a square, and at the far end there's a stairway down. Take it.

You come out on to the Calle Pozo de los Palos. Stop, turn around and look back the way you have just come.

Another Wow! moment.

That house won the prize for "Best decorated façade", and you can see why!

If you now continue along the Calle Sierra just in front of you, you'll come to another lovely spot - the Plaza Begines. Another chance to sit and take in all the delights of Estepona.

‪Written 9 בינואר 2015‬
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