‪Chiesa di Sant'Ivo dei Bretoni‬

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‪Chiesa di Sant'Ivo dei Bretoni‬

‪Chiesa di Sant'Ivo dei Bretoni‬
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18:15 - 19:30
17:00 - 19:15
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‪Masses in French, twice a week. Lovely tiny church.‬
חברים • ספט׳ 2020
‪This lovely church was built towards the end of the fifteenth century to replace an older one dedicated to St.Andrew of the 'Mortarariis', or 'Marmorariis', whose oldest testimony is a decree of Pope Innocent II from the first half of the twelfth century.
The name derived from the brotherhood of the marble workers of Rome, called "marmorari", who in ancient times must have had their shops in this area, as confirmed by the marbles and the trunks of columns that were found in the surroundings of the church during its reconstruction at the end of the nineteenth century.
The current denomination of St. Yves derives instead from the concession of the church, made in the fifteenth century by Pope Nicholas V, to the Bretons, who made it their national church.
The Bretons later erected a new church, demolishing the previous one, between the end of the 15th and the beginning of the 16th century: of the ancient medieval church only the bell tower remained, which then collapsed in 1875.
This new church, like many others, had annexed a hospice and a hospital, officially established in 1511 by Julius II for the benefit of Breton pilgrims.
Around 1575, however, Gregory XIII entrusted the management of the hospital to the French nation and the hospital thus became a dependence of the nearby church of St. Louis of the French.
The church of St. Yves was the parish church until 1824, after which it was left in a state of neglect and thus, continuously flooded by the Tiber, it was demolished in 1875.
In place of the old church building, the French government decided and arrenged to rebuild a new church also dedicated to St. Yves but in a place close to the previous one: the facade of the new church, in fact, the work of Luca Carimini of 1888, is located on the opposite side of the demolished one.
It is a small church, with beautiful frescoes, warm and welcoming.
Masses are in French and the Rector of the church is a French priest.
In fact it dependds on the nearby church of St. Louis of the French.‬
‪Written 21 בספטמבר 2020‬
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פרינסטון, ניו ג'רזי‪428 contributions‬
‪Closed during the summer vacation months‬
זוגות • אוג׳ 2018
‪Walking up the Via di Ripetta we saw this small church with the Brittany flag on it, it was Chiesa di Sant'Ivo dei Bretoni or Saint Yves des Bretons in French as was written on the door. The facade was much smaller than the other churches in Rome and it looked like a very interesting church to visit. Unfortunately, there was notice saying the church would be closed during August and September so we could not enter. For another trip back to Rome!‬
‪Written 23 באוגוסט 2018‬
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