‪Bluhendes Konfekt‬

חוות דעת על ‪Bluhendes Konfekt‬, וינה

‪Bluhendes Konfekt‬
‪חנויות מתמחות וחנויות מתנות‬
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פחות משעה
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The area
שכונה: מריה-הילף
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  • ‪‪Zieglergasse‬ • 4 min walk‬
  • ‪‪Westbahnhof‬ • 7 min walk‬
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וינה, אוסטריה‪22 contributions‬
‪Blooming visit and workshop‬
אפר׳ 2017 • לבד
‪First I got a wedding present from this shop. As I love flowers in all forms (no, plastic/artificial flowers I hate actually) it was a great idea from my colleagues to surprise me with a Water-mint flower bouquet soaked in chocolate. It looks after 3 years still beautiful and I will never eat it. Till yesterday, because yesterday I had a chance to take part (which was a part of the wedding present) on a tasting session and small workshop in this beautiful manufacture. To make it short, if somebody wants to bring somebody not an usual, traditional (chocolate) present and this person likes flowers and deserves exclusive and fine thing to get than this is the right place to shop a bonbon/confect. The handwork of these small flower bonbons have to be appreciated by the person who gets them otherwise makes no sense. It is delicate, handmade, every small leaf was perfectly taking care of. The place is just about 200m from Westbahnhof (West train station) and Mariahilfestrasse shopping street. I would buy in this shop every week something, but at the end I would never eat it as it is so beautiful:)‬
‪Written 22 באפריל 2017‬
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Courtney D
וינה, אוסטריה‪12 contributions‬
‪Chocolates like no other - 'Blooming Confections' in Vienna‬
אוק׳ 2015 • לבד
‪The motto of this chocolatier, tucked away in Vienna's 6th District, is 'flowers to savour' - a mysterious tagline until you walk through the front door. The tiny shop features a whole selection of flowers frozen, fairy-like, in sugar - I was particularly impressed by a glittering sunflower the size of a dinner plate. The staff are as likely to be fashioning new creations in the workshop (visible from the store through a large glass window) as they are to be helping customers, and much of the herbs & flowers used to create these unusual, delicious confections are handpicked in the Vienna Woods, as local as they are lovely.

This place is far from cheap - but then again a box of these glimmering beauties puts much of the Hapsburg treasures on view else were in the city to shame. HIGHLY recommended.‬
‪Written 25 באוקטובר 2015‬
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