‪Water Fowl Sanctuary and Children's Farm‬

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‪Water Fowl Sanctuary and Children's Farm‬

‪Water Fowl Sanctuary and Children's Farm‬
‪מגרשי משחקים‬ • ‪אזורי טבע וחיות-בר‬
‪11:30 - 16:00‬
11:30 - 16:00
11:30 - 16:00
11:30 - 16:00
11:30 - 16:00
11:30 - 16:00
11:30 - 16:00
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Shropshire‪45 contributions‬
‪Avoid this place!‬
חברים • אוק׳ 2021
‪This place looks like it would have been great about 20 years ago, it’s like stepping back in time. I’m surprised the council haven’t closed it down. I would not visit again for a number of reasons.

The animals (chicks, rabbits, chipmunks etc) are in cramped cages. The donkey is pacing in a pen that has worn ground, no fresh grass and nettles so high the children couldn’t see in to the pen. A couple of pigs, goats, a Shetland pony. Poor rabbits in an outhouse lived in tiny cages, better conditions can be found at Pets at Home. A sanctuary this certainly is NOT.

There’s a viewpoint over the grounds which should be condemned as it’s so slippery with no handrail and steep steps! Plus not much of a view as everywhere is so overgrown.

Onto the ‘ponds’ one of which was more like a mucky puddle with a few poor geese. The highlight has to be seeing a black swan, until you see how dirty the pond was, with old slices of bread sitting in the top of the stagnant water.

There are loads of empty pens, all grown over. Very sad. The playground was ok and the children thankfully enjoyed it.

With a cash injection and overhaul from an investor it could be great again. In the meantime though, it should be closed. Time to accept it peaked a longtime ago and for the dear owner to put her feet up.‬
‪Written 6 באוקטובר 2021‬
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‪1 contribution‬
‪Great visit‬
חברים • ספט׳ 2021
‪Well if I could rate this 10 instead of five I would have. We visited this morning with our 3 year old Granddaughter. We were very warmly welcomed by Mabel who explained the workings of the farm. Mabel gave my granddaughter a cup of chicken feed so she could feed the chickens which she enjoyed very much. We then moved indoors where Mabel showed our Granddaughter the new Chicks that had been born overnight and one Duck that was born this morning. We were the only ones there so our granddaughter was able to hold the baby chicks less than a day old and the new baby Duck who she named quacky. It’s not fancy but very natural and magical.
take a picnic , there are picnic tables and toilet facilities. Mabel is a truly an Amazing women with many stories to tell , a real inspiration .
Wish we had more time to spend there
Will Definitely return
Thank you Mable for a wonderful experience‬
‪Written 25 בספטמבר 2021‬
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לונדון, UK‪21 contributions‬
‪Lovely way to spend a few hours‬
משפחה • אוג׳ 2021
‪We were a group of 12, adults and children, and we were camping nearby and just needed something to provide a couple of hours of entertainment without breaking the bank and this was perfect. It is very basic with nowhere to buy food or drink but the children absolutely loved it and we brought a picnic. It was £5 entry and £1 for animal feed. When we got there we immediately held day old chicks which was wonderful. The lady in charge was friendly and helpful and remarkable for her age - she’s an inspiration! We then walked around the farm following the little lanes and seeing the pigs, birds, donkeys, rabbits and goats. The playground looks a little tired but has everything the children love, in particular a huge climbable Thomas the tank engine. We sat on the bench and let them play while we ate. There was nothing else we needed. We had a lovely time. Thank you.‬
‪Written 7 באוגוסט 2021‬
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‪3 contributions‬
משפחה • מאי 2021
‪We were not sure if it was open today as it was a Bank Holiday Monday and the weather was not so great, so I rang and left a message that morning. A woman called Mabel rang me back to say yes it was and she looked forward to seeing us. Our four year old daughter was so excited about seeing all the animals as was I!

Upon arrival, we were the only people there however we were greeted warmly by Mabel who we discovered was the owner and she explained the set up. This is an Animal Sanctuary. no frills, no gimmicks and no profit making......entrance fee donations (cash only) are purely for the upkeep of the sanctuary and the welfare of the animals.

We were given some animal feed and were shown the direction to go. First stop we saw chickens, roosters, some were loose, wandering around which thrilled my daughter. A white little duck waddled happily up to us and we gave it some feed. The goats were next, very eager to get in on the food action. They were in a lovely big enclosure with an area for them to climb. We saw Gineau pigs and rabbits, ducks, geese, donkeys, shetland ponies and an ostrich, all very much cared for. There is a kids play area and benches dotted around and when the weather is better would be great for kids to burn of energy and enjoy a picnic.

When we had had enough of the wind and rain and our animal feed had been depleted, we headed back to the main indoor entrance area where there was a small bird enclosed and chipmunks. We had to wait for a few moments as Mabel was in another enclosure feeding some animals ( yes she hands on!) But the highlight was being able to handle one day old chicks. My daughter was in her element and we spent at least half an hour petting them and listening to Mabel’s story. She is an amazing women, recently turned 90 years young!..... and her animal Sanctuary is her dream come true, she always wanted to care for animals and give children the opportunity to see and pet them.

Never having been here before and having read some of the reviews pre visit I had my reservations but having met Mabel and seen how well the animals are cared for, you have to admire her strength of character and determination and with the help of her son have kept it going through the recent tough times. It is real, it is not sugar coated for visitors, it’s a bit shabby around the edges but it is as it is and we loved it and will definitely be going again and will keep on going.

Please go and support this amazing woman and her family business which are doing a great job of caring for these animals and giving us the privilege of meeting them.

‪Written 3 במאי 2021‬
‪This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.‬

Warwickshire‪5 contributions‬
‪The Complainers Won‬
נוב׳ 2019
‪Well, those of you who made comments on here regarding the Sanctuary I hope you are pleased with yourselves, and those who called the Council and complained, because now thanks to you and the Council none of us can go back and enjoy the animals because they've closed it down.

So you got stung by a nettle, no one was going to die, they didn't serve food they weren't going to poison anyone, no one was in any danger from the animals, you pay a small entry fee and yet expect so much, they were just a small family unit giving homes to animals no longer wanted as well educating and helping young children get up close and personal to animals, a huge loss to the area.
As for the animals I doubt all will be rehomed due to their ages so will have to go to slaughter. But you didnt think about that when you complained, just the me me me attitude.‬
‪Written 3 בינואר 2020‬
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‪17 contributions‬
‪Lovely happy animals‬
זוגות • נוב׳ 2019
‪We thoroughly enjoyed our visit, it's a lovely peaceful place and the cuddle corner is fabulous! We really enjoyed stroking the animals and the owners were very friendly and took the time to talk to us and let us meet the animals - very relaxed and no time limits! The animals are all very lively, happy, and well loved - a big difference to a lot of the more commercial farms we've visited. We highly recommend a visit.‬
‪Written 15 בנובמבר 2019‬
‪This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.‬

לסטר, UK‪31 contributions‬
‪A fun afternokn‬
משפחה • אוק׳ 2019
‪We had a lovely afternoon stroking rabbits and guinea pigs in the sunshine! The little park is fun for the children to play on and the cheeky goats made us all smile. Thank you for a lovely day.‬
‪Written 29 באוקטובר 2019‬
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Melissa F
‪1 contribution‬
‪Arranging a visits for a dementia group‬
ספט׳ 2019
‪I have been left feeling quite upset today after an unpleasant conversation with presumably the owners. I called in at 16.35 simply to ask whether I could have a quick look at the site to check out its viability for visits with a dementia group. The people I spoke to immediately said I couldn’t visit as it was after 4.30. I explained that there was a misunderstanding...I didn't want to visit, but just to have a very quick look at the site. I suggested twice that 5 minutes would be enough but this was ignored. The site closes at 5.00pm so it is hard to see how this was a problem. The man’s tone of voice was very rude, the woman less so - she gave me a leaflet for a nearby place which might suit the group however its some kind of fantasy/fairytale venue designed for children and totally inappropriate for people with dementia. However she did launch into a lecture about the man being up at 6.30 in the morning feeding the birds all on his own, at which point I chose to leave rather than continue being told off. The Water Foul Sanctuary would have been perfect but it is their loss in terms of income as we would have been regular visitors at times when business is bound to be poor - during weekdays and in the winter.‬
‪Written 14 בספטמבר 2019‬
‪This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.‬

‪2 contributions‬
‪Dated but fun‬
משפחה • ספט׳ 2019
‪On arriving we were the only ones there not a good sign!
It was sad to see everywhere so tired and run down but the animals seemed well looked after. My 3 year old grandson loved being able to get so close to pet and feed the animals, he didn't notice the need for some maintenance!
Overall I hope they get some help to bring the place up to date as it's worth it for the little ones.‬
‪Written 7 בספטמבר 2019‬
‪This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.‬

‪4 contributions‬
‪It's a breeding/hobby farm‬
משפחה • ספט׳ 2019
‪I have mixed feelings. One one hand, they took in our cockeral in our hour of need. I am certain he will be well loved and cared for (this lead to us visiting). After visiting, I wouldn't go back as a paying customer. That's not to say I wouldn't buy a pet from them.

This farm is a breeding/hobby farm, trying to make money to keep the hobby going. This isn't so bad as the animals are loved. The struggle the owner has, is dealing with customers. It's £5 per adult and £4 per child to enter.

There are unnecessary signs on everything and it starts in the car park. We had a lovely walk around and saw/fed some animals with a bucket of feed purchased on entry for an extra £1.

There was a good amount of space to run around in the park area and lots of floor space to sit.

We couldn't have spent more than an hour there overall without a picnic.
We left the petting corner (cuddle corner) until last. There were lots of small furries available to cuddle.

When my daughter was cuddling a bunny, one of the other bunnies hopped on top of their cage and ventured behind the lid of the cage and looked to be stuck. When my daughter mentioned it to the elder lady, she was shouted at. "He is NOT stuck! If he was stuck I'd help him!! NONE of my animals here suffer!!!".
I was shocked! There was no reason to raise her voice and my daughter was scared.
The lady knows a lot about the animals but lacks greatly in pleasantries. It's a shame as this ruined the entire experience. The gentleman that works there is a lovely, lovely man.

Some animals are for sale. Rabbits, chickens. Maybe more if you were to enquire. You'd be getting a well handled and healthy animal. But perhaps they should change to a pet shop rather than a place to enjoy and spend the day. That way the rules and rudeness would be somewhat understandable.‬
‪Written 5 בספטמבר 2019‬
‪This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.‬

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