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רינגווד, UK‪2 contributions‬
פבר׳ 2020
‪This is the most appalling cab company I have ever used. I had booked and paid for a return trip to Gatwick for my wife and I. The car arrived 25 minutes late. The guarantee on the website advertises a refund of 25% if more than 15 mins late but was not given it. The car was a small old rusty Citroen with a brake light which was not working. In the passenger seat was the driver's partner who was coming with us! While on the motorway the partner took a phone booking but had trouble using her phone so she handed it to the driver who while using it nearly ran into the back of a truck in front. Highly illegal and dangerous. The seats were cramped and uncomfortable and when we arrived at Gatwick could not wait to get out.We decided not to use them for our return so while away I contacted them 4 times to cancel and request a refund for the return journey but did not receive an acknowledgement despite indications that the messages had been delivered.‬
‪Written 23 במרץ 2020‬
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בורנמות', UK‪3 contributions‬
‪Terrible service, left us stranded at the Airport‬
נוב׳ 2019 • משפחה
‪I wouldn't recommend this cab company even if it was the last one left.
We paid for an drop off and pick up for a holiday to Australia, on returning to Heathrow, we call the cab company but no answer, once using a different phone, he answered after the time of pickup ans explained he couldn't come pick us up as too busy and he would pay for another company to pick us up, this was 5 hours later, the cab company arrived which he arrange, and on the journey back the cab driver said no payment had been taken from the caller and we had to pay, with a 25 flight and a 1 year old we were extremely frustrated, went through my Credit card to claim but have just noticed he is contesting this. Shocking behaviour and shocking service, the dishonesty and lack of empathy from this company is disgusting and I hope no one else gets stuck in the similar situations this company is creating.
I plead with with you all not to use this company.‬
‪Written 19 במרץ 2020‬
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Vernon M
‪2 contributions‬
‪No return pickup after paying up front‬
דצמ׳ 2019
‪Having paid for a taxi for return journey to Gatwick airport I returned from holiday to find no taxi waiting for me after 20 hours of travelling. When they were called I was informed they did not have any spare taxis for pickup so had to book another taxi for return journey. They stated that that they would refund my fair. Another month has passed with no refund.
‪Written 21 בינואר 2020‬
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Evelyne B
‪2 contributions‬
‪Paid and not shown up at Gatwick Airport to pick us up.‬
דצמ׳ 2019
‪We booked castle cabs from Dorset to go to Gatwick and back again after our holiday. We were picked up but they moved us onto another company to take us to Gatwick. Coming back after a long journey we rang from luggage pick up to confirm the taxi is waiting. They said we have no available taxis..We paid for return too via visa asking for the money back but never heard back from them. Absolutely disgusting. DON'T ever use this company!! We ended up paying a lot of money to take a cap from Gatwick to Dorset.‬
‪Written 21 בינואר 2020‬
‪This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.‬

‪2 contributions‬
ינו׳ 2020 • משפחה
‪Well where do I start?!? Prepaid via PayPal in advance. Was told an executive saloon will collect us from address to LHR with a car seat for our 2year old. No email to confirm trip so was a little on edge. Trusting their seemingly professional website awaited our driver. I called "Danny" to ask his whereabouts as 15min late to be told he had to source another car as the clutch had gone in the original. He had just left and would be 1hr late!! Cutting it fine for our international flight he however assured us it was loads of time still.
1hr 20min late, what can only be described as a V reg rusty nail turns up with a scruffy unclean driver. On closer look blood shot eyes and smelling of cigarettes. No car seat so we had to use our own. With no option we start our journey to LHR. The engine warning light and oil light sounding only 5mins into the journey, promised all is OK and not to worry. Sat in Complete silence in shock at the utter unprofessional manner we soon discover not only does this man smell like an ashtray he also is emitting alcohol smell. Struggling to keep awake, braking at extremely last minute, no mirror signal manoeuvre (just manoeuvre!!!). My husband asked him to slow down as doing 85mph and clearly the suspension and brakes where on the brink of failure. I kept texting my teenage son in the front to make sure he keeps him awake. Texting my husband only sat next to in tears saying how unsafe this ordeal was but had no choice but to continue or miss a trip of a lifetime. Half way and countless near misses, he decides to the overshoot the rumble strips near the central reservation missing it by I would say a cm. I scream, my son screamed and my husband then took charge of the situation demanding he drives safely and questioned if he had been drinking. At first stated was cigarettes and then after more questioning admitted he was over the limit. Eventually we got to LHR with 10min until check in closeure I quickly got my kids out of the car and walked away. My husband calmly debriefed him on his behaviour and drink driving stating how he had the nerve to drive a family to Heathrow in his state. He excuse was that his wife had left him two days ago!!!!! We demanded he return the car seat to our origin and a refund for the return to be processed. Once through check in contacted Dorset police to make them aware of this dangerous man on the road. Countless emails and messages to get an update on refund and return of car seat. Having to then pay additional costs to get us from Heathrow to home on return. So we have been back a week and nothing so we have contacted Dorset police again to report Theft and follow up the initail complaint. We are seeking legal advice to get our refund including trading standards, Dorset taxi service licence authority and contacted Watch Dog. Never in our lives have we felt so vulnerable and scared for our lives. This man needs shutting down once and for all and "Danny" it looks like we aren't the only people that have been scammed. How are these people allowed to still trade and put families lives at risk!!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!! I HAVE VIDEO FOOTAGE AND PHOTOS AS EVIDENCE‬
‪Written 4 בינואר 2020‬
‪This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.‬

Angry customer
הפארק הלאומי ניו פורסט בהמפשייר, UK‪1 contribution‬
‪Appalling !‬
ספט׳ 2019
‪This is no way to run a business ! Paid up front, taxi didn't turn up on return trip, they ignored all phone messages, when we did manage to speak to someone, we were to!d a pack of lies by a VERY rude person cal!ed Stacey. Eventually I was told they didn't care, to stop calling and DO ONE !!!! They are con merchants and thieves!!

‪Written 31 באוקטובר 2019‬
‪This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.‬

Bryan E
‪1 contribution‬
‪This company doesn't deserve your business. Look elsewhere!!‬
אוק׳ 2019
‪We had used Castle Cabs in the past for an airport transfer and it was ok so we decided to book with them for an outward trip to Heathrow and return from Gatwick. After paying for the booking it took numerous unanswered calls, emails and texts to eventually get the promised written trip confirmation.
The outward taxi arrived on time and pulled into the drive. The driver stood by the car and made no attempt to assist us in bringing the cases and loading them in the boot.
The car was old and the car and the driver were scruffy and stank of cigarettes.
The driver spent most of the journey telling us about himself and even asked if we minded him stopping at the services to make a phone call. As we were in good time we felt obliged to agree. He actually just wanted a cigarette.
Our arrival back in Gatwick was over an hour late. While we were waiting for our luggage at 11.30 the driver called and said there had been problems and a mix up and he was still at Heathrow airport because when we booked over the phone we must have said Heathrow by mistake. I pointed out this was untrue as it was all done by text and email and we had an email confirmation. He said he would be there in about an hour, so by the time we got our luggage we wouldn't have long to wait! He arrived around 12.45 and made no apology and didn't offer to help us with the bags.
This time he was more unkempt and smelly than before. On the drive home the weather and traffic was awful and he was driving way too fast and too close to be safe.
An overall unpleasant experience in all aspects.‬
‪Written 27 באוקטובר 2019‬
‪This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.‬

brussels‪6 contributions‬
‪AVOID!!!! Dreadful company!!!‬
אוק׳ 2019
‪Avoid this company at all costs!!! We were made to prepay £208. We were collected from Heathrow in a filthy smelly car. For our return journey to Heathrow the taxi failed to collect us. We called them repeatedly but no reply so we were forced to call another cab company to take us to Heathrow at a cost of £145. Since then I have called and emailed many times the company hasn't even had the common courtesy to reply to me nevermind apologise or refund the money for the return journey. Total crooks!!!!!!!!‬
‪Written 14 באוקטובר 2019‬
‪This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.‬

Sharon C
קרייסטצ'רץ', UK‪1 contribution‬
‪Don’t this company ‬
ספט׳ 2019
‪Myself and my disabled husband were left stranded at Gatwick airport. The taxi booked for our return trip home after our holiday did not show up. We contacted the company and were told we had given them the wrong flight details. They said that they would be able to send someone now to collect us , but it would take 2 hours. We opted to get a taxi from Gatwick airport at our own expense. We were very tired and needed to home before midnight. As it had been along day of traveling and I was returning back to work the next day. I was told the owner would phone me the next day, this did not happen. I contacted them again and asked for our money back for the pickup which they messed up. Again I was told be by a defensive lady that we were in the wrong. I am sure that I had given them the correct flight details. I asked to speak to the owner, I was told he was unavailable. I asked for our money back for the pick up , the rude lady laughed and said good luck with that and put the phone down on me. Do not use this company, if you do don’t pay upfront for your taxi.‬
‪Written 24 בספטמבר 2019‬
‪This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.‬

‪Beaminster‬, UK‪2 contributions‬
‪Beware if you need to cancel‬
אפר׳ 2019 • זוגות
‪I booked and paid over £200 by credit card in advance for my return trip to Gatwick with Castle Cabs, but had to cancel as I was unable to travel. I did cancel my booking ,18 days before I was due to travel, by phone and e mail, and then at their request e mailed again 6 days later as they had forgotten my phone call and could not find my first e mail. I expected a refund from them, their terms and conditions state full refund minus £20 admin charge if cancelled with at least 7 days notice. After many phone calls from my home phone ( which then appeared to have been blocked by them), and mobile and e mails, I still have not received a refund. It is now over 10 weeks since I cancelled and I have constantly been told it is being dealt with by the "money people". I have now claimed from my credit card company who are now persuing this . Very poor service... all very well cheap prices and "good " revues, just beware if you need to cancel!‬
‪Written 1 ביולי 2019‬
‪This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.‬

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