‪Aula de la Miel de los Picos de Europa‬
‪Aula de la Miel de los Picos de Europa‬
‪‪‪Alles‬, ספרד‬‬

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‪Aula de la Miel de los Picos de Europa‬
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4.5 מתוך 5 בועות40 חוות דעת
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‪Selkirk‬, UK7 שיתופים
5.0 מתוך 5 בועות
משפחה • ‪יולי 2017‬
‪This a brilliant visit - for adults or children. However, you need to be able to understand Spanish to get the best out of it (but, after all, it is in Spain, so that's not a criticism - just a statement of fact. (There is a film in English if you need it). Jesus, the beekeeper, will keep you spellbound by his stories, explanations, and he makes it interactive and fun for the children.
Then comes the best bit - the tasting session! Freshly baked corn puffs, 4 types of honey to try, and mead *hydromiel) and honey liqueur - what's not to like! We all came away with jars and bottles of the stuff we had bought.‬
‪Written 4 באוגוסט 2017‬
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