‪Basilica della Madonna dell'Umilta Pistoia‬

חוות דעת על ‪Basilica della Madonna dell'Umilta Pistoia‬, פיסטויה

‪Basilica della Madonna dell'Umilta Pistoia‬

‪Basilica della Madonna dell'Umilta Pistoia‬
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רייקה, קרואטיה‪4,387 contributions‬
זוגות • ספט׳ 2018
‪Among the most interesting sacred buildings in Tuscany is the Basilica of Our Lady of Humility. The beautiful sixty meters high dome is the work of Giorgio Vasari from the 16th century. The church has an octagonal plan and is preceded by a beautiful vestibule, covered by a barrel vault. It is the most important Renaissance building in the city, containing the beautiful decorations and some nice paintings in its interior. Don’t miss this one, it is a real gem of the city!‬
‪Written 17 באוקטובר 2018‬
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פירנצה, איטליה‪9,997 contributions‬
‪The most important Renaissance architecture in Pistoia‬
זוגות • ספט׳ 2017
‪Pistoia, formerly an autonomous municipality, soon lost (since the beginning of the 14th century) its independence, because the great nearby city of Florence; so the splendor of its medieval architecture contrasts with the shortage of Renaissance architectures: into the Renaissance period (15th century and after) it is fully subject to Florence and dependent on it.
This basilica, however, is an exception, in the sense that it's the most important Renaissance architecture in Pistoia. Entering into the atrium of the church you might suppose to be transported to a typical, elegant interior of the first Florentine Renaissance, with dark-colored arches that stand out on white vaults. The feeling is correct: the atrium's designer (if not the builder) is the famous Giuliano da Sangallo.
Instead, the church core, the octagon that holds the dome, doesn't resemble any of the most renowned Renaissance architectures I know: it consists of three overlapping orders, always featuring an elegant white / dark bicromes, supporting a dome imitated by the famous one of Florence's Cathedral. The dome, however, in this case is due to Giorgio Vasari and then to Bartolomeo Ammannati (hence it is from the second half of the 16th century).
I noticed that the dome has seemingly static problems, because it is woven at its base by several steel cables to overcome the tendency it probably has to collapse under its own weight. The more you can appreciate Brunelleschi's genius, who has avoided the dome of Florence these problems.‬
‪Written 28 בספטמבר 2017‬
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pietro b
ברגה, איטליה‪564 contributions‬
‪why two miracles?‬
זוגות • אוג׳ 2015
‪the first miracle happened when the Madonna on the fresco on the wall cried (tears were seen to have come out of her eyes, like in Medjugorie these days). The second miracle is that the tears didn't run straight down, but made a bend in order to avoid the figure of holy Jesus. The result is that, like the Berlin wall, they took a large chunk of wall out and placed it on the main altar! That is the fresco you see today on the altar, a humble Madonna sitting on the ground and breast-feeding baby Jesus. The "popolo" (ordinary folk) liked this picture because humble people could identify with humble Madonna.‬
‪Written 9 באוגוסט 2015‬
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‪Leven‬, UK‪223 contributions‬
‪Big and sacred‬
יוני 2015
‪If you are in Pistoia this is worth a visit. The entrance looks very modest but inside it is a bit like the Medici chapel in Florence. It is a large, octagonal basilica-the third largest in the world according to our guide at the cathedral tour. There are the usual huge paintings and the ornate decorations you expect in a Catholic chapel and it is all very impressive. The madonna herself is the charming centrepiece of the basilica. I would allow 20 minutes for the visit.‬
‪Written 29 ביולי 2015‬
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