‪Heilig Kreuz Kirche‬

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‪Heilig Kreuz Kirche‬
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פריס, צרפת‪56 contributions‬
‪Well on our voyage through Germany we always recognized this church as a monumental driving point if we got lost. It is a state of a driving intersection and is nice to see as you drive by. I regret never going in. The train station is located next to it so you probably could park in at the station and then see the church. Overall it's nothing special. ‬
‪Written 13 באוקטובר 2014‬
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אסטוריה, אורגון‪281 contributions‬
חברים • אוק׳ 2012
‪its a shame that nowadays most churches are locked during the week and only open for services. Too much theft, disrespect and vandalism. Sad.‬
‪Written 25 באוקטובר 2012‬
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אנטוורפן, בלגיה‪7,285 contributions‬
זוגות • מאי 2011
‪Daily opened from 9 to 17, a pitty we arived past this time, so no pix of its interior. The church is located in the centre and was built in 1895 in Neo-Gothic style (architect L Becker). Nowadays the church had been reconstructed (1947) after it was severely damaged in WW Two. Its interior is a 3-aisled Hall church with a Central facade Tower. It houses a polygonal choir with lateral Our Lady chapel, and a chapel for the sick. It has a short but wide nave, a two floors oratorio, and a circular Gallery at the upper floor. High altar and choir screen in Carrara marble, 1921 wooden sacrament altar: shrine depicting the Holy supper, at its left side: Christ on the Mount of Olives and the marriage in Kana, at its right side Emmaus and the miracle of bread, fish and the victory of God, Tabernacle and Church throne underneath. 1907 Altar of Our Lady: in its shrine Madonna in Halo, at its left side St. Elisabeth, at its right side St. Agnes, at the flanks: at its left side the birth of Christ, at its right side Mary Ascension. Three choir Windowsdepicting scenes from the secret revelation. 1920 Family altar dedicated to the victims of WWI. The crusifix is in neo-Gothic style, 18th century mercy throne. 1895 Pulpit in sandstone: in its niches the evangelists, at the corners st John the Baptist and church fathers Hieronymus, Gregory, Ambrose and Augustine, wooden abat-voix. More sculptures: 18th century Jesus on the easter donkey, 15th century Pietà from Tyrol, 15th century st Disibodus, 15th century st Boniface, 18th century st Augustine, 15th century st Anna with our Lady, 1720 st Bonaventure and st Francis (comes from the high altar of the destroyed St. Wolfgang Church in Bad Kreuznach), 16th century hl Hildegard von Bingen, 16th century st Borromeo, 18th century the four evangelists. 1998 Sandtner Organ with 3 keypads and 41 registers.‬
‪Written 11 ביולי 2011‬
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