‪Bodegas Comenge‬

חוות דעת על ‪Bodegas Comenge‬, ‪Curiel de Duero‬

‪Bodegas Comenge‬
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08:00 - 15:00
08:00 - 15:00
08:00 - 15:00
08:00 - 15:00
08:00 - 15:00
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מיאמי, פלורידה‪147 contributions‬
‪A shining, raising star.‬
מאי 2018 • זוגות
‪As an "experienced wine student", for everything in wine is constantly evolving, one may get the idea that touring most bodegas, or aziendas or wineries are all about the same. But Fabiola can change all that in an instant. As part of the bodega's management team she covered in extensive details all of the aspects of vines growing, the poda, the constant attention to the field, harvesting and then the final evolution of the wine storage.
In comparison to the big labels, this bodega is a small one, but "small" is only in size for they are big in maintaining ecological balance and harmony with nature, by developing advanced methods for reducing their impact on the land and surroundings.
Regarding to what they offered us as wine enthusiasts was simply a beautiful experience. Their facilities and attention were impeccable, letting us enjoy their varieties in a pleasant atmosphere. Our tour guide Benedicte promised for us to be amazed and we were to the point that we had to order some of their bottles to be sent home. This is one of those places I would like to move my residency to. The mountainous terrain offer great views and the green fields are a dream.‬
‪Written 12 במאי 2018‬
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אטלנטה, ג'ורג'יה‪167 contributions‬
‪Good wine, great hospitality‬
ספט׳ 2017 • לבד
‪I visited this winery at the beginning of a four week wine-centric tour of Ribera, Rioja, the Maremma, and Alsace. In its own way, it was as notable, and unique, as any of the tours I subsequently enjoyed.

The grounds are striking: In the shadow of a looming castle (now luxury lodgings) situated high above its surroundings on what I can only describe as a mesa, the modern winery has ducks, horses, dogs, and other animals roaming the lovely gardens and ponds.

A personalized tour provide by Fabiola was intelligent and charming. Both in the vineyard, which is not always visited during winery tours, and in the winery itself. But I've seen all that many times before - the real treat for me was tasting Comenge's Familia and Don Miguel reservas in the modern tasting room overlooking vineyards and south towards the Duero River. The current releases are really fine juice - or is it that it always tastes better on-site?‬
‪Written 6 באוקטובר 2017‬
‪This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.‬

Rebecca H
לונדון, UK‪19 contributions‬
‪Great value tour in English‬
אוג׳ 2016 • זוגות
‪Booked a tour in English at the last minute (confirmed over the phone on the day) and got an unexpectedly good, private tour around the winery.

Our guide spoke excellent English. The tour included a visit to the vines (not a full walking tour of the vineyards), the fermentation and storage rooms and then a tasting of two wines. The tasting was the biggest surprise - we had a room with an amazing view of the vineyards all to ourselves and were left to enjoy two glasses of their wine (it wasn't a guided tasting) with local sheep's cheese, truffle cheese and blood sausage crisps. Incredible!

The tour cost between €10 and €15 each and was well worth the money. We also toured the Protos Bodega in Penafiel - that was much larger-scale and in a big group, but we felt Comenge was the better experience if you can only do one.

Plenty of parking on site and easy to find.‬
‪Written 21 באוגוסט 2016‬
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