‪Thungyai - Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuaries‬

חוות דעת על ‪Thungyai - Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuaries‬, ‪Uthai Thani City‬

‪Thungyai - Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuaries‬

‪Thungyai - Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuaries‬
‪אזורי טבע וחיות-בר‬ • ‪יערות‬

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‪Very good‬

קרקוב, פולין‪3,977 contributions‬
‪Quiet hideout ‬
דצמ׳ 2017 • זוגות
‪It takes some effort to come here, rather difficult without own transport. Foreign visitors need to pay 200, while locals only 20 baht (sic!). It’s a nice and quiet place with few hiking trails. Trails unfortunately are not very well marked, nor any serious maps exist, so walking on your own requires some navigating skills. Since vegetation is rather dense, it’s very difficult to spot any animals. All in all, nice place to visit, but don’t expect too much.‬
‪Written 28 בדצמבר 2017‬
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‪Uthai Thani City‬, תאילנד‪122 contributions‬
‪Beautiful fauna and flora‬
פבר׳ 2015 • חברים
‪We went only on a half day walk through the park. It was still worth the visit. Our guide explained us a lot about the fauna and flora. We only saw deer at that half day walk, but it was still really relaxing and pretty.
At the end we got to know the tragic story behind this park and how it got to be unesco world heritage.
You can read more about my experience or take a look at my pictures on my blogpost about Huai Kha Khaeng : www.thailandforfarang.com/uthai-thani/nature/huai-kha-khaeng-wildlife-sanctuary .‬
‪Written 30 במרץ 2015‬
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אנטוורפן, בלגיה‪385 contributions‬
‪A piece of wild Thailand‬
פבר׳ 2015 • זוגות
‪We took a leap of faith and visited Huai Kha Kaeng instead of one of the more famous Thai parks. We were not disappointed. However, we do have some pointers to manage the expectations of future visitors.

What to expect? This is still real wilderness, meaning: only camping facilities in the park, a very limited number of trails and only two view towers. Your wildlife viewing will mostly be done from the car or from one of the towers. Patience is key while you wait for something interesting to come out in the open. Therefore, we do not recommend this park for families with small kids (unless they like sitting still). We do recommend this park for real wildlife enthusiasts because in the three days we were there we saw plenty of wildlife (wild boar, several kinds of deer, gibbons, bats, banteng, civets, more birds than we can count, muntjak, jackals, ...). This park also gives you a very teeny tiny chance to see a tiger (we didn't though).
The wildlife is quite shy, once an animal spots you, it will show you immediately how fast it can run. If you want to take photos, a 300mm lens is a minimum for good shots.

How to get there? The area is quite remote and unless you feel like doing a bus hopping tour, get a guide who provides you with transportation.

Why take a guide and who to take? You will enjoy this park much more if you have someone with you to show you animals. Not many guides operate in this park but we were very happy with Tontan Travels. Doesn't matter what you see or hear, our guide Tony was able to find it and identify it. If we hadn't had him with us, we would have seen only a fraction of the animals we actually saw now. Also ask your guide for an after dark walk to see palm civets, wild boars, tokays, ... .

Where to stay and eat? You can stay outside the park but we thought the bungalows there were of poor value. Camping inside the camp is much more fun and gives you the opportunity to get up early to see animals. The ablution blocks were clean and quite ok when we were there (do not expect a warm shower). Just outside the park there is a little restaurant. We found the food average but it is your only option and you won't go hungry.

What to bring? your camera with telelens for the viewing towers and long pants for jungle walks. Ask your guide for leech socks, in the dry season you won't see leeches but there will be ticks and the socks will make it more difficult for them.

In a nutshell: if you enjoy spotting wildlife and don't mind being patient to see it...go to this park with a good guide and cross your fingers to see a tiger!‬
‪Written 8 בפברואר 2015‬
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Aggapop N
‪27 contributions‬
‪hidden rain forest away from tourists‬
מאי 2014 • זוגות
‪I visited Huai Kha Khaeng in Uthaithani last Summer and had a good hike to Cyber waterfall in the evening. Very quiet and serene. There were a bunch of locals taking families there to swim and play in the creek. We learned from the forest rangers that you can camp by the ranger station but you'll need a permit from Department of Wildlife and Natural Resources. It's the place for naturalists who want to experience real nature. We're going back for camping and spotting the wildlife next time.‬
‪Written 4 בפברואר 2015‬
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צ'יאנג מאי, תאילנד‪78 contributions‬
‪Potential to be great‬
‪I only spent one night camping out here but I could hear wild elephants in the evening. I got to see where the tigers feed. The birds here are amazing even in the parking lot. It is the kind of place I would love to have a gifted guude show me around. As it was, two local boys, both very knowledgeable about what was what and where you could photograph it, were great. I loved showing them how to use my camera as we photographed some of the wildlife and skipped rocks and picked tamarind and Indian gooseberries from the trees. I am hoping to return with a better camera.....wish I had one to give the boys who were so (I mean So!) engaged with the wildlife and taking pictures. Charmed out of my own solitary heart!‬
‪Written 11 בינואר 2013‬
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