‪Circuito internazionale Le Colline‬

חוות דעת על ‪Circuito internazionale Le Colline‬, ‪Chignolo Po‬

‪Circuito internazionale Le Colline‬

‪Circuito internazionale Le Colline‬
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מילאנו, איטליה‪21 contributions‬
‪What a Gas!‬
לבד • יולי 2019
‪I read the reviews and was like, well this will be a loss. But it was actually quite good. I didn't have any of the problems the other reviewers had. It was organized, everything ran smoothly. It is a Go Cart Track, it says so on the track. But it's good enough.

I HIGHLY recommend the highest number of laps possible. Because it takes a few laps to figure out what you're doing.

I drove 4 laps in a Ferrari, then 4 laps in the Lamborghini. I had a break in between, that worked out perfect. The 4 laps in the Ferrari, I was trying to figure it all out. My instructor was nice and friendly, chatted to me about America. Then I had a break, to let it sink in. Then the 4 laps in the Laborghini, I knew how to work the gas. ;-) Let me tell you, Rosario was terrific. He coached me through every corner for all four laps. He was like, Faster, Faster; Third Gear, (it's alright) faster faster; Forth Gear, hang on tight.

The only suggestion I would make is, to take pictures of you, driving the car. They could make a whole scene for it. Like have a Winners Circle, or the Finish Line. And/Or have motion sensitive cameras on the track that take your picture as you race by.‬
‪Written 31 ביולי 2019‬
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פיזה, איטליה‪2 contributions‬
‪An amazing experience!‬
לבד • יולי 2014
‪I went to do 3 laps with the Gallardo, and 3 laps with the F430.
After driving the F430, I got another 3 laps. Matteo, the instructor, a great guy, understood me exactly - he truly teaches you how to drive even faster. When I reached another Ferrari on the track, I thought that I needed to go slower as well, instead he told me to surpass him on the inside - in a bend! My beating heart in those moments was priceless. Amongst the most beautiful experience in my life.

Instead, when I drove the Gallardo, there was another instructor. You could see that he was fed up with his life - a bit annoying, if I downshifted while breaking - "Why did you downshift? I didn't tell you to! change gear only when I say so!" - Honestly, I paid for 3 minutes of happiness! - anyway, the Gallardo felt very heavy after I driving the Ferrari.

The car you choose is not important, but ask for going with Matteo, You won't regret it!‬
‪Written 26 ביולי 2014‬
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