‪Mar Elias Monastery‬

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‪Mar Elias Monastery‬
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מנילה, הפיליפינים‪424 contributions‬
‪Nice, Old Stone Interior‬
ינו׳ 2020
‪My 86-year-old mother and I were brought here in Elias Restaurant in the Mar Elias Monastery compound for lunch by our tour guide after our visit in Bethlehem. The restaurant’s stone interior was charming and gave us that feel of being inside a historic structure. True enough, it was built in the sixth century as evidenced in the ageing but well-kept stone wall. Mural paintings of iconic stories in the Bible added color (and fun) to the atmosphere.

During our visit, there were not too many customers, and we were able to have our own table. Mode of service was “cafeteria” style. The food served was local, and the servings were big. My mother had beef slices and fries, and I had ground beef (more of like a big burger patty), plus all the add-on veggies and stuff. We actually enjoyed the food. And although we were already full, we sort of “forced” ourselves to finish as much as we could to avoid throwing leftovers. My mother, in general, was very picky when it comes to foreign food, but she liked what she had. As for the price, well, everything was expensive in Israel, so it did not really matter.‬
‪Written 28 במרץ 2020‬
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Linda Y
פריסקו, טקסס‪4,194 contributions‬
‪Elias Restaurant‬
ינו׳ 2020
‪Our tour group stopped for lunch at the Elias Restaurant adjacent to the Greek Orthodox Mar Elias Monastery. The interior was charming with stoned arches and colorful paintings. Cafeteria-style food provided a variety of selections that seemed to satisfy everyone in the group. Unfortunately, the Monastery was closed. According to Christian tradition, the prophet Elijah rested here after fleeing from Jezebel.‬
‪Written 1 במרץ 2020‬
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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma‪115 contributions‬
‪Pilgrimage lunch‬
חברים • מרץ 2019
‪The cafeteria was very cold. There was a heater in the room, the type used in outdoor covered seating areas, but it was not turned on. We needed to leave our coats and hats on to stay somewhat warm.

We could choose between 45 shekels for a vegetarian meal (falafels, a starch-fries, rice, or onion rings-and a few typical middle eastern salads) or a meat meal for 65 shekels with shawarma and the same (starch and salads). Both come with a drink. You carry your tray to your table.

I was with 15 people and we were dissatisfied-as the “hot” food was lukewarm when it was out onto our plates, it was all prepared in a serving line and waiting when we arrived-we were the first to arrive. The serving line equipment was not keeping the food hot-probably because all of the food was already uncovered when we walked in. I would imagine it was fairly fresh food, but in such a cold room, everything looked nice and clean, but the food in the hot line was already cooling off. By time I got my cold salads onto my plate, cold pita bread, and my cold soft drink, the fries and the shawarma were cool. Others in my group had the experience: cool falafels, doughy onion rings, meat that was not hot. I ate my food-it was lukewarm to begin with and cool by time I could finish the plate.

If the food had been hot, and the room warm, the food would have beennj satisfactory-I would have given it 3 stars. But I was sad that this was the lunch all of the people in my group had to eat.

Shortly after we arrived there were 100 more people arriving. Every seat in the cafeteria was full. They were quickly moved through the food line. The efficient y was incredible. Mostly tourists who seemed to be in the types of groups that herd you around like cattle... our group fortunately is great-but this was the worst meal of the pilgrimage.

Once all of the other 100 people arrived, the room warmed up a bit (from the body heat) and I hope the others received hot food. My group was ready to leave but we also felt like we needed to leave, so that new people could have a seat.

This dining hall was very nicely decorated, but when we entered a cat followed us inside as far as the serving line-the staff quickly got it to leave. Maybe this was a fluke but I did not like to see a cat from outdoors come into the cafeteria near the food lines.

I will be sure not to come back here to eat. It was not an enjoyable experience. It felt like just a way to feed many people at one.

We did not go into the church-which I am sure is beautiful. I hate to write such a negative comment about a religious place, but a cool lunch outs a damper on things.‬
‪Written 25 במרץ 2019‬
‪This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.‬

גרמניה‪852 contributions‬
לבד • דצמ׳ 2017
‪Mar Elias is a Greek-Orthodox monastery which lies on the road between Jerusalem and Bethlehem. It was probably built in the sixth century and honours two men called Elias of Jerusalem from different times. I liked this place because of the very colourful paintings in the interior of its church.
There is also a great hall where guides like to have their groups have lunch. So it is often full of people. The meals are okay but the service reminded me a bit of a supermarket. Apart from that Mar Elias should stand on every tourist's list of sights sooner or later.‬
‪Written 20 בנובמבר 2018‬
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אזור תל אביב, ישראל‪992 contributions‬
זוגות • אפר׳ 2017
‪On the way between Jerusalem and Bethlehem,,built like a fortress with nice views of both sides.
Originaly founded in the sixth century,Rebuilt few times Bears the title of the prophet Elias In front of the monastry is a stone seat of the famous painter William Holman Hunt,Nice views from the upper side up to the Dead Sea ‬
‪Written 23 באפריל 2017‬
‪This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.‬

הילסבורו, אורגון‪466 contributions‬
‪Both the restaurant and the church were outstanding‬
לבד • אפר׳ 2017
‪Enter the restaurant and quickly surprised. The entire thing is made of stone. Had the shawarma and it was super delish. The hummus and veggies were also fresh and tasty. Bathrooms were clean here and lots of stalls. The monastery was surprising I wasn't expecting it. From top to bottom the church was an artistry piece. Leave a offering after you enter to help with the cause (you dont have to) make sure you take off your hat as the monk will not let you enter with it on.‬
‪Written 19 באפריל 2017‬
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Ghadeer N
‪554 contributions‬
‪Nice Orthodox Church ‬
לבד • ינו׳ 2017
‪A Greek Orthodox Church lie on the way between Bethlehem and jerusalem. Easily accessed from the jerusalem- Hebron road. Very nice icons painted on the inner walls.‬
‪Written 19 בינואר 2017‬
‪This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.‬

ניוטון, מסצ'וסטס‪558 contributions‬
‪Eat Here!!!‬
זוגות • אוק׳ 2015
‪Lunch at Elias Monastery is very good. Food is more than abundant, vegatarian meals are offered and the fresh salad bar is outstanding. I had one beef and one chicken kabob and couldn't finish it. Bring your big appetite and a little cash. The stone dining room is worth the visit. ‬
‪Written 27 באוקטובר 2015‬
‪This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.‬
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