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דובאי, איחוד האמירויות הערביות‪19 contributions‬
‪Good relaxation ‬
לבד • ינו׳ 2021
‪Very good massage and helpful staff, I went to Park Inn by Radisson hotel branch in motor city for massage, very good services thanks to Jane at reception and all the team.‬
‪Written 18 בינואר 2021‬
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דובאי, איחוד האמירויות הערביות‪122 contributions‬
‪The calm you seek‬
נוב׳ 2020
‪This is my go-to place for a good relaxation for mind, body and spirit. Look for Wiras or Suparta for a full body massage that will make you snooze after the treatment. Check for weekday specials at 200AED charge.‬
‪Written 6 בדצמבר 2020‬
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Andrew M
ניו יורק, ניו יורק‪112 contributions‬
‪Worst Massage Ever -Terrible ‬
לבד • דצמ׳ 2020
‪I’ve been getting massages on and off fir 30 years in many, many countries. Today was the worst I can ever remember. Firstly there was no health screening by the reception/ management which later contributed to my pain. Next the masseuse appears not to be trained adequately. There was no discussion on what massage I required or of any medical conditions I might have had. I was then led to an inhospitable room (no relaxing music, no candles, a door with a window in it so passers by could see into my private massage session (if they wished to do so), no shower facilities, no relaxation rooms, etc. The masseuse did not ask about my requirements and then proceeded to manually rotate my arm and shoulder causing severe pain to an injury I have. I booked for an hour massage but only received 50 minutes. The massage was not satisfactory and felt like the masseuse did not know what she was doing. I made a complaint but the management were not interested. I later phoned the “call Center” to make a formal complaint... however there is no call Center .. calls reroute to the the actual ‘spar’ I was complaining about. I asked for a manager or a person of “responsibility “ to call me to discuss the matter..., I am still waiting for the return call. From my experience.. not good, not worth it, potentially dangerous to health since staff appear not to take any cognisance or checks of clients health (other than the mandatory COVID-19 temperature checks).
There are many other much better Spa’s on the Marina. Sadly my experience was not acceptable and very very bad. I do have experience of many good massages in Dubai, and indeed around the world... sadly Dreamworks Dubai Marina (Cascades Tower)is not one of them.‬
‪Written 1 בדצמבר 2020‬
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דובאי, איחוד האמירויות הערביות‪15 contributions‬
‪No Value For Money. Does not worth it‬
יולי 2020
‪I have paid almost 400 dhs for a massage. There is no facility. The therapist was not professional. They didn't even ask me what type of massage I need. In general its a normal place with an very normal massage but it definitely doesn't worth 400dhs.‬
‪Written 17 ביולי 2020‬
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Юля К
‪5 contributions‬
‪Miss Yulia‬
חברים • יולי 2020
‪Visited Dreamworks in Bur Dubai in Ibis hotel ( 13 July, 2020) wanted to have nice experience for my birthday with my friend as few years back I was very happy about this spa salon. And.... we were sooooo disappointed 😰😰 the spa itself looks cheap. You don’t feel like u in spa. The cheapest massage place in Thailand looks much better. And here for the money you pay you get a disaster. It doesn’t smell like spa there’s no nice ambient music... you feel like u came to some creepy cheap place. So next was massage itself. We took Balinese massage. I was so excited and again... the girl called Emma for 1,5 hours was just pretending that she’s making massage. No technique nothing. It was like you making massage urself. She was just massaging me with one hand. At one point I thought maybe they don’t have enough staff and they asked some girl to put the uniform on and be a therapist for that day. Even she forgot jar with oil on me once she was over. After I told administrator about my experience she was like no Emma has a lot of customers she is very good etc. even when I asked where I can leave a feedback she didn’t know what to say. She showed complete indifference. So they charge you a lot of money( in my case was 160$ per 2 people) and they don’t provide u with the service u expect. I am talking about the branch in Bur Dubai Ibis Hotel Mina. Horrible! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻‬
‪Written 14 ביולי 2020‬
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‪3 contributions‬
‪Dreamworks Spa massage‬
לבד • פבר׳ 2020
‪Been to dreamworks several times as they got good offers on grupon and entertainer and even directly online. Depending on location, experience can vary and they generally tend to be busy so it can be difficult to get an appointment on the day. If u travel a lot and have usual neck and back pain definitely recommend trying the hot stone massage. All in all pleased with the service.‬
‪Written 16 במרץ 2020‬
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דובאי, איחוד האמירויות הערביות‪4 contributions‬
‪I love Balinese massage there‬
מרץ 2020
‪I always go for Balinese massage to Amanda. Iv tried couple specialists and I think she is the best there, though her rating not so big. Weird for me. Anyway, I like Balinese massage that she is doing and I try to go ~2 times per week. ‬
‪Written 15 במרץ 2020‬
‪This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.‬

Naija Babe 2016
ניגריה‪3,577 contributions‬
‪BEST THAI MASSAGE EVER!!! (Dubai Marina, Cascades Tower Branch).‬
לבד • מרץ 2020
‪I've been coming to Dreamworks Spa for about 3 years. For me, this place is 'the gift that keeps on giving'! They offer the most incredible Thai massages. Being that it's absolute favorite type of massage, I know a thing or too about this 'heavenly' experience, a.k.a Passive Yoga. It's listed as Royal Thai Massage in Dreamworks menu, and I flock to this place again and again because I have not found a better Thai massage experience anywhere in Dubai. And I don't say this lightly because I've been to the spas of almost every 5 star hotel in the city on a quest for the best, including The Four Seasons, Atlantis, One & Only Royal Mirage, Ritz Carlton, Anantara, Park Hyatt, Westin and even Burj Al Arab. However, except for a sensational experience I had at J.W Marriott Marquis, (formerly the world's tallest hotel), I'm yet to find anywhere that tops DreamWorks Spa! They have many branches scattered throughout Dubai, but this one is located on the ground floor of the Cascades Tower- a residential building in Dubai Marina. The staff are always polite and very eager to assist. A charming lady named SUKAR opened the gate for me.

On previous occasions, MIMI and NORA did the royal Thai massages for me, and it was nothing but pure perfection!👌🏽 This can simply not be overstated; which is why I keep coming back to DreamWorks Spa time and time again. Seriously, the skill and technique that these women bring to the table is something that the entire DreamWorks establishment should be very proud of. I can only think to myself that they must have been trained by the very best. This time, I decided to give BOVI a try, (because I've never had her). I normally pre-book online. That way, you get to see and ultimately pick which therapist is available, plus you get a significant discount. Bovi turned out to be even more spectacular than Mimi & Nora, (if that's even possible!). From start to finish, it was absolutely incredible! Words can hardly describe how amazing I felt. Bovi is such a talented masseuse; so effortless, seamless, tireless, flawless & priceless! She just melted away all my stiffness, tension, aches & pains. And don't even get me started on her superb Thai techniques and maneouvers. I normally have the massage in a room that has a mattrass on the floor- (which is always best for Thai Massages); however, the room was being renovated, so we had to make do with a regular massage table. So you can imagine if Bovi had done this on a traditional Thai mattrass!

So in ending, my advice to anyone who fancies the absolute best Thai massage in Dubai should flock to Dreamworks. This place is incomparable, at least when it comes to this particular type of massage. Though it may not have any of the 'trappings' of a world class spa, this place is quaint, comfortable, warm & cozy. I always feel like I died and went to heaven when I come to DreamWorks. A special thanks to Bovi for making me feel like a million bucks! 😁 Whenever my massages are completed at Dreamworks, I have to hold on to walls and other surfaces because I feel giddy, light and 'high' with pleasure; almost as if I'm levitating/floating on air and about to fly away! DreamWorks Spa is simply the BEST, BEST, BEST, and I would HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend it!!! ‬
‪Written 12 במרץ 2020‬
‪This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.‬

‪1 contribution‬
‪Spa Massage Balinese‬
משפחה • דצמ׳ 2019
‪Amazing experience
One hour of relaxing massage
Very nice employees
Good price
Perfectly clean and fancy place‬
‪Written 27 בדצמבר 2019‬
‪This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.‬

Mohammed Ricky
בירמינגהאם, UK‪3 contributions‬
‪Balinese Massage‬
זוגות • ספט׳ 2019
‪Where do I start, I finally realised why the reviews to this place is a hit and miss, as the experience really is just that.

First Visit - September 2019
Called and spoke to the female receptionist and booked couples massage for me and the Mrs, saw that they had a deal on Groupon so asked if we could have that without booking through Groupon and they said it was fine (called it the Facebook/Instagram promo), cost 398 AED (199 AED per person).

Went to the appointment 15 minutes early, receptionist was nice and welcoming, offered drink and didn't wait long to be taken in, had 1 hour full body massage. It was an hour of pure bliss, the best massage I've had to date (I have a lot). Right technique's used, perfect amount of pressure and extremely relaxing. Came out and said to the Mrs we need to book again. She on the other hand said it was ok, not bad but not the best she's had but wouldn't mind booking here again. By the time we finished the receptionist had left so couldn't book with anyone, called the following morning and booked with the same receptionist for the same cost/promotion.

Second visit - September 2019 (couple days later)
Arrived 15 mins early but this time was greeted by a male receptionist, sat down and waited for what felt like 15-20 minutes, wasn't offered anything to drink and was advised that our masseuse needed to get the room ready. Was finally called into the room and the nightmare experience started, no music (this doesn't really bother me but helps the Mrs to relax so she had to tell them to put it on, it was already on in the first massage). I had an elderly female massaging me, and as soon as she put her hand on me her fingers cracked (you know something's wrong when your masseuses body is cracking and not yours). She proceeded to "massage" me, in what resulted in her pressing on the towel that covered my body, first the legs and then my back, then she decided to stroke my hair (yes! stroke it) she eventually removed the towel and started rubbing my back to which I said to her that I'm not really feeling anything (felt like she was wiping me down) and could she put more pressure. The next 15 minutes were torture, she started to dig in my back with her elbow, no technique or knowledge on how to massage, felt like she was digging for gold. She then started to do the same to my arms. At many points I felt like calling it off but proceeded with it in the hope that it may improve and also not ruin the experience for the Mrs. Eventually I had enough of the digging and called my masseuse over and whispered if there was anyone else available, she said to me no and if she should apply more pressure, to which I said sorry but I'm not enjoying youre massage at all. She then went over to my Mrs masseuse and asked to swap over, I said no as this would've resulted in my Mrs getting a terrible massage, so I decided I'd just cancel mine (30mins in) and told her to call the receptionist/manager. Popped out the room and told him what had happened, and lucky for him a masseuse had just finished on another appointment so told her to swap. She started on massaging my left leg (this was the first time in the whole massage that my legs were actually touched), but by this point my Mrs had her back and legs massaged so her masseuse was ready to turn her around, mine decided to do the same with me, I told her that I haven't really had a massage and no one's even touched my right leg yet, she then proceeded to massage that leg for the next half an hour, at which point the Mrs massage had finished. So my masseuse decided it was then end of mine too, I told her that I had booked a fully body massage and I've only had my back and legs done. She decided to go and call the receptionist again so I went with her, but he had gone home by this point. So we stood in the hall way for 5 minutes and she eventually agreed to massage my front, which was a 20 minute of rubbing oil on me. I've come back to the UK and told my Mrs I need to book a massage just to get over that horrendous experience.

I wouldn't say not to book here but just make sure when you book the female receptionist is there as her team is really good, but if you do end up getting the male receptionists team, avoid the elderly lady like the plague.‬
‪Written 5 באוקטובר 2019‬
‪This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.‬

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