‪Ulus Aniti‬

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‪Ulus Aniti‬
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אפיונקראהיסר, טורקיה‪179 contributions‬
זוגות • אפר׳ 2019
‪Ulus anıtı was erected in just two weeks and was unveiled in early autumn, 2019. It commemorates Atatürk's legacy succintly. The statue represents his vision for the nation which is very much a part or Eskişehir culture. It holds an evolutionary rather than revolutionary message. It is grand in appearance but very human in scale. A beautiful addition to this wonderfully progressive town. Located 6 minutes walk from the main train station, adjacent to the newly-named Ulus Meydanı tram station (formerly Espark station) on lines 1 and 3. There is a small square on the southern side with gardens and seating.‬
‪Written 9 במאי 2019‬
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