‪Ho Chi Minh Highway‬

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‪Ho Chi Minh Highway‬
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‪Petersburg‬, אלסקה‪127 contributions‬
‪Remote Jungle Highway - Paved!‬
חברים • אפר׳ 2014
‪The Ho Chi Minh Highway (NOT the HCM Trail, which is/was in Laos) is a modern, narrow, winding paved road that runs up the mountains of western Viet Nam. This is a dream route for motorcycles. We joined the hwy. at Prao, west of DaNang and rode north thru the A Shau Valley, Khe Sanh, to Phng Nha National Park (400 km.). In the countryside, the people are of the Ta Oi ethnic minority. The few towns offer places to buy some food and gasoline (maybe from a pitcher), but they are far between. Look over steep jungle slopes into deep valleys. There is some cultivation, some logging, and lots of cattle, but most of the route is wild.‬
‪Written 25 באפריל 2014‬
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Johnstown, PA‪33 contributions‬
‪Savor the unintended irony‬
לבד • פבר׳ 2014
‪The first few miles look well-maintained, if unimpressive. However, you quickly reach the narrow, twisting real road through the gorgeous mountain scenery of nowhere in particular. Riding it in a tour van was like being on a surrealistic carnival ride, listening to the Vietnamese guide who exhibited no apparent awareness of the irony of praising Ho Chi Minh's virtues to a politely straight-faced bunch of foreigners who are being bounced gaily with every cluster of top-quality potholes along this monument to the national hero who restored the country "back to normal" after the war.‬
‪Written 9 בפברואר 2014‬
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‪Yarra Junction‬, אוסטרליה‪242 contributions‬
‪Why was this built?‬
משפחה • יוני 2013
‪W travelled the backwoods of this highway out of Danang and wondered why on earth it was built. The deviation around the Laos border, following every ridge and gully with tons and tons of concrete withou seing a single soul is amazing. The only people you see up here are the mototbike tours, an occasional truck taking timber to the towns and the local minority people heading down to the river for a spot of fishing. Oh ! we did see the cows and buffaloes getting out of the sun in the shade of the tunnels, and after navigating the cow pats on the road were able to see some fantastic landscapes doen the mountains.‬
‪Written 23 ביוני 2013‬
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וויסלר, קנדה‪10 contributions‬
‪Ho Chi Minh Highway by scooter - 3 day independent ride‬
לבד • יולי 2011
‪If you have 3-4 days in and around Danang/Hue and are the adventurous type, you may consider taking your rented (this assumes that you are already into renting) scooter to see the country. A fantastic loop is starting in either Danang or Hue and doing the loop (counter-clockwise) along Hwy 49 (this is only a road) to A Luoi, then take the Ho Chi Minh Highway to the 604 at Prao back to Danang. I started in Danang and rode to Hue, slept in Hue, took a day to see Hue, rode from Hue to Prao (slept at a guesthouse) then rode to Danang. The highlights are: Mountain road and beaches between Danang & Hue; touring in Hue with dinner on the river by the bridge; road from A Luoi to Prao (HCM Highway) was outstanding for natural beauty. The road is in great shape and very traffic-free. Stop to meet the locals if you can. Prao is a fun little town with an OK (very cheap) hotel and good food. The 604 from Prao to Danang is priceless. Small and safe - take your time and enjoy the nature and culture. A great adventure for those who are looking for one.‬
‪Written 14 באוגוסט 2011‬
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