‪Amri Wandel‬
‪טיולים יומיים‬‪סיורים אישיים‬‪סיורים בני מספר ימים‬
A licensed tour guide, fluent in English and German. I specialize in Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Nazareth and the Galilee. I can focus on Christianity, history, archeology, and nature. Whatever your interest and schedule, I will make you enjoy and appreciate this fascinating city and awesome country, where 4000 years of history tell the story of 3 religions.
‪‪מודיעין, ישראל‬‬

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  • ‪I teach and do research in astronomy.‬
  • ‪I have a tour guide certificate and a PhD in astrophysics ‬
  • ‪אנגלית • גרמנית • עברית • צרפתית‬
  • מדריך סיורים מקצועי
‪Amri Wandel‬
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5.0 מתוך 5 בועות
‪We recommend Amri as a tour guide. He is knowledgeable, reliable, energetic and easygoing. We chose Amri to be our guide for a number of tours including Jerusalem as well as Masada/Dead Sea, Caesaria/Acco/Rosh HaNikra, and the Soreq/Avshalom Caves and we were so glad we did. He is very knowledgeable about history, science, nature, archeology, etc... He customized our tours to our interests. He was so flexible with scheduling, and is a very nice person. We were worried that we scheduled all of our day trips with only one guide, but Amri turned out to be great! ‬
חוות דעת על: Jerusalem of Gold and Stones: a city of three religions and 4000 years
‪Written 15 בנובמבר 2019‬
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