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‪National Art Studios‬
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פושאן, סין‪146 contributions‬
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ינו׳ 2020
‪Fact is, I was expecting quite a bit. This attraction is not very old in Foshan City. I was a bit taken aback by the finish. The "attraction" structures are well made, whether in the Old Palace, Hong Kong, Guangzhou or other areas. However, what really put me off was the cheap finish, the fading paints, which though good looking in photos, looks very jaded and cheap to the eye. There is a small amusement arcade area, where there are some rides and attractions for suitable for children.

Fact is, I was quite pleased with the attention to detail at some of the areas, but was dismayed by the lack of upkeep. The props in some areas like the Hong Kong were locked and not "working". Another attraction called the Star Trek was shut.

They also have a few more paid attractions like go-karting and such.

Walking along, I went to Ice Palace, which is a sizable Ice Room, kept quite cold so that the ice castles and other attractions stay frozen. I really wonder if they have acquired a licence from Disney to use their images from "Frozen". The do have insulated slip on footwear which you can slip over your shoes, and extra coats, which you can return after going through the attraction. This place also has some ice slides which children would positively enjoy

The old Chinese palaces and other areas were quite well maintained when compared to the other areas.

All in all, not too good a visit.

The entrance fee has a discount for senior citizens (above 60 years) so if you qualify, carry your passport with you. The ticket price included three rides in the amusement section and the entrance to the Ice Palace.If the board at the entrance is to be believed, the normal Entry Fee of RMB 168 has been slashed to RMB 138, and the children's and senior citizen's discounted price has been pegged down from RMB 98 to RMB 78.

Another disappointment was the lack of a multi lingual brochure and map.‬
‪Written 3 בינואר 2020‬
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Sze T
האי פנאנג, מלזיה‪51 contributions‬
‪Nice Hong Kong Zone, real film shooting just distance away ‬
חברים • אוק׳ 2017
‪The Hong Kong zone has many old Hong Kong movie posters, the star photos and etc sent me back to my childhood and teenage time. There is also a Hong Kong style restaurant in that zone, the wanton noodles are so yummy and reasonably priced. They play all those famous Hong Kong pop songs in 80's. Lots of memories instantly fill my soul and heart. Additional to that, we had a chance the real movie shooting where a group of Hong Kong polices in old costumes just marched past us:-). Lastly it was the Halloween time during our visit, we had experienced a Chineses style type of haunted town. Chinese zonbies, corpes and feeeeeel. Overall is good, but I think it may be a bit boring for teeangers without much entertainments and games.‬
‪Written 12 בדצמבר 2017‬
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האי פנאנג, מלזיה‪557 contributions‬
‪Grubby Costume and limited makeup‬
חברים • אוק׳ 2017
‪We paid for Ancient costume styles photo sessions but the costume are in fact grubby, some a bit smelly and torn. I am not sure if they have ever been washed because the costume are just hung back or passed to next customer after being worn. Also only very light and simple make up provided (foundation and lipstick) and hairdo (readily available wig h and hair accessories). The type of make up does not match up the costume and suitable for photographing. We had ended up with using our make up kits, doing our own face makeup, and asked them to use our camera to shoot photos. Tips: use your own make up kits, preferably know how to do face make up and use own professional camera, negotiate the price with them to shoot more photos‬
‪Written 29 בנובמבר 2017‬
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