‪The Dering Chapel in Pluckley Church‬
‪The Dering Chapel in Pluckley Church‬
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Geoff H
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‪דצמ׳ 2019‬
‪There's a lot of history associated attached to the walls of the beautiful Dering Family Chapel in Pluckley Church. From their early beginnings during the reign of King Henry II (1183-1189), the Dering Family grew in importance and Sir Edward Dering, the 1st Baronet (1598-1644) had built the main portion of Surrenden Dering House in Pluckley. As well as being a politician, Sir Edward Dering was also an antiquarian and, in 1623, he purchased two copies of William Shakespeare's First Folio; the earliest recorded purchase of this famous manuscript. His grandson, Sir Edward Dering, 3rd Baronet (1650-1689) raised a "regiment of foot", which later became the 24th Regiment of Foot. He took his regiment to Ireland in support of King William III. However, he fell ill in Ireland and died there aged just 39. His body was returned to the family home in Pluckley and he is buried in the family vault. The 24th Regiment of Foot (now part of the Royal Regiment of Wales) holds the record for the most VCs gained in a single 12 hour battle. The battle was in 1879 at Rorke's Drift; epitomised in the film "Zulu". This little chapel is certainly worth a visit if you are interest in history.‬
‪Written 27 בדצמבר 2019‬
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