‪Commonwealth War Grave, Pluckley‬
‪Commonwealth War Grave, Pluckley‬
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‪There is only one Commonwealt War Grave in the churchyard of the Parish Church of St Nicholas, Pluckley and that is the grave of Private Edward Lewis Pile of the Northumberland Fusiliers who died on 27 April 1921, aged 27, apparently from wounds suffered in the First World War. Private Pile was one of the two sons of Edward Lewis Pile (died 1915) and Fanny Winifred Lewis (died 1965). The headstone of Private Pile's mother and father and his brother, Bertram Stanley, and his brother's wife, Doris Winifred), stands alongside the Commonwealth War Grave. There are also 10 other headstones with the surname "Pile" in the churchyard. Although Private Pile is buried in the churchyard, his name is not listed on the War Memorial inside the church. That Memorial only lists brothers Edwin (Thomas) Pile and George Pile, both of The Buffs (East Kent Regiment). Thiere is also in the graveyard a Second World War grave with an unusual story attached. Charles Alfred Ashdown, a railway employee, was aged 18 when he was 'killed by enemy action' on 15 September 1940. On that day, which is now known as 'Battle of Britain Day' a British Hurricane plane, piloted by Belgian national Pilot Officer Georges Doutrepont, was badly damaged by a German Messerscmitt in a dogfight over Sevenoaks, Kent. Pilot Officer Doutrepont was killed but his plane flew out of control over seven miles before crashing onto Staplehurst Station, Kent killing Southern Railways booking clerk Charles Ashdown. There is a memorial, unveiled on 15 September 2003, at Staplehurst Station.‬
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