‪Alder Springs Trail‬

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‪Alder Springs Trail‬
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רדמונד, אורגון‪262 contributions‬
זוגות • יוני 2019
‪Hubby and I decided to explore, and we were very happy with the idea to check this out!
We did not hike the trail but a few hundred feet, as it was very hot, and I was not feeling real well. However, the views from above are gorgeous!
We did follow a road that happened to take us to the bottom of the gorge to the creek, so was happy about that!
This is worth the HORRIBLE almost 6 miles in on a very non maintained road, but it helps to keep the traffic down. Feels like you're in the middle of nowhere! (In a sense you are, yet not.)‬
‪Written 3 ביוני 2019‬
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Clark A
הילסבורו, אורגון‪309 contributions‬
‪Geological Wonder‬
לבד • יוני 2018
‪The road to the trailhead is among the worst in the area! Plan on five miles of very bumpy slow going with a high clearance vehicle. That said, the hike is a fun one, starting out in the hot juniper-sage terrain and then dropping down to a very old gorge. It's three miles to the end at the Deschutes river. You cross Whychus creek first and cool off for the last mile. We swam a bit in the creeks, would not advise that when you get to the Deschutes as it is swift! Very scenic hike.‬
‪Written 7 ביוני 2018‬
‪This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.‬

Cameron M
מוביל, אלבמה‪714 contributions‬
‪Great little day hike. The locals agree.‬
זוגות • אפר׳ 2016
‪This 7 mile hike has a bit of everything - expansive vistas, wildlife, flowers, canyons and cliffs, and roaring water. All it lacks is a waterfall. The elevation loss and gain are 450 ft on the topo, but there's a lot of 10 ft up, 10 ft down that increases the apparent difficulty. Also, a lot of the trail is rough and narrow. It is well marked the entire way, so there is no chance of getting lost on the trail. The drive to get there is the only challenge. The trail is closed December thru March, I'm told.

From from Hwy 126 go north on Holmes Rd, all paved. At the 7 mile mark, where the farms start, go north on Forest Road 6360, at the sign for Alder Springs Trail. Google Maps wants to call this FR 1393. This gravel road gets worse, then better, then worse. You're crossing private property at times, so be respectful and stay on the road. Finally, turn right, northbound, on the narrow 0.7 mile road into the trailhead parking. It should be marked.
I had great 4G Verizon reception, so your mapping function should help, especially since the parking area in the Satellite view is obvious with cars. The trailhead parking coordinates are 44.433246, -121.357765. Google maps marks a another short stretch of dirt road, just to the east, as Alder Springs Rd. It appears to be blocked.
Our Mazda 3 was just good enough to get there without scraping bottom on the final couple of miles of rocky, rutty road. I wouldn't try to bring a long wheelbase sedan out here. Short wheelbase passenger cars are adequate as long as you're careful.

We visited on a glorious Sunday late morning, the first of May. The parking lot had about a dozen trucks and Subarus. We saw maybe 15 other hiking parties on the round trip. Not too bad, but not as quiet and solitary as we would've had on a weekday.

You start on a plateau overlooking Whychus creek to your left, and the Sisters, Broken Top and other peaks glorious behind you. Dropping and curving right around a bend, another canyon opens up before you and you drop into a shallow dry draw. Is this Alder Springs? Dry already? Yes and no. Descending further along the trail you find that Alder Springs actually springs from a cliff face, 50 feet under the dry draw you just crossed. Dropping down to the confluence with Whychus Creek, you need to wade the creek to continue your journey. We hid our flip-flops in the weeds nearby. After that, the trail rises and falls along the lower canyon slope, following the noisy creek, with sedimentary palisades across the riparian zone turning into basalt cliff steps. Beautiful.
Most folks stop after 3 or 4 miles at the confluence with the Deschutes River. Apparently, the trail goes all the way to Lake Billy Chinook. Lots of nice spots to sit, have a snack and enjoy the roaring water. In late April there was a huge flight of big salmon flies flying upstream along the Deschutes.‬
‪Written 13 במאי 2016‬
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