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Mike N
ספרון וולדן, UK21 שיתופים
5.0 מתוך 5 בועות
לבד • ‪דצמ׳ 2016‬
‪In December 2016 I found myself trapped on the mountain road that runs from Hervas through the national park. My satnav had taken the shortest route and I ended up on a single track road blanketed in snow. I was fortunate to be rescued by a local man who had taken his daughter into the mountains with her sledge. It meant that I had to leave my truck and fifth wheel overnight and take a taxi back to them the next day to collect some things. The taxi driver not only was willing to drive the 13km up the mountain road but when we were stopped by ice and snow helped me to walk the remaining 1km to the fifth wheel and get inside to retrieve my items. When we got back to the hotel after over an hours trip the fare was 12 Euros! ‬
‪Written 6 בינואר 2017‬
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