‪Centre Equestre Molino de la Umbria‬

חוות דעת על ‪Centre Equestre Molino de la Umbria‬, פדרזה

‪Centre Equestre Molino de la Umbria‬

‪Centre Equestre Molino de la Umbria‬
‪סיורי רכיבה על סוסים‬
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סידני, אוסטרליה‪37 contributions‬
‪Not a place for serious riders!‬
לבד • יולי 2012
‪This is a belated review, I went for a week long riding holiday but ended up leaving early. No refund offered of course. The lodgings and meals are nice, but there is very little to do outside of riding, so when the riding isn't enjoyable.....

I too was the only person there at the time, I was under the impression that I had the last spot, but perhaps that was a misinterpretation on my part. I was offered additional rides, so I usually rode two horses a day for lesson, then a hack in the afternoon. The countryside is nice for rides, but the other reviewer was correct in saying you feel very isolated. The horse videos are about 5-20 years old.

My biggest criticism is that the dressage instruction is not in keeping with usual teaching. I told the instructor that I hadn't been riding regularly for the last 15 years, so I wanted to work on basics. Instead, I had to drill flying changes repeatedly when that is above my level - fun to try a few, but irritating to get yelled at when they aren't perfect. Also, I don't think the horses are trained in a correct contact - for reference I have ridden schoolmasters trained to Advanced level and my dressage instructor rides Grand Prix.

The horses weren't in training condition, the old thoroughbred eventer was quite stiff and had to be "tuned up" I.e. see- sawed into a frame, by the instructor. Another eventer required draw reins and a Pelham to have any control as he liked to pull, a lot. I did some jumping which was fun but that didn't make up for the tension of the dressage lessons which weren't enjoyable.

Overall the 5 horses are no longer in training condition, the instructor is a bullying type who shouldn't teach dressage full stop. I was quite disappointed. I emailed high pointe tours and too them to take this ride off their books, even though I didn't use them. This trip turned me off any future riding holidays.‬
‪Written 30 ביוני 2013‬
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מלבורן, אוסטרליה‪4 contributions‬
‪Dont waste you time or money‬
לבד • אוג׳ 2012
‪I have recently stayed at Molino de la Umbria, it is so isolated, no telephone or no wifi, you have to walk to the town centre which is 15mins away, there is only 1 shop and 1 hostel, you can use the wifi at the hostel, at the bar when you buy a drink.
I was the only paying person their, the people that run it, and a young girl who was working for them, the manager was intimating and very rude, he tried to get my horse to throw me, I was suppose to return to the centre but after a week there was no way I was going back, as you have to pay upfront, he is still holding my money for unused accomadation.
Please do youself a favour and get a great instructor near you, if he was the manager of the dressage team, it would have been at least 30 years ago, the man is living in the past. When he talks about previous clients, it was in such a degrogative way, and I am sure I am now one of the people that he rants about.‬
‪Written 20 בספטמבר 2012‬
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