‪Carlos Sainz Karting‬
‪Carlos Sainz Karting‬
‪18:00 - 23:00‬
18:00 - 23:00
18:00 - 23:00
18:00 - 23:00
18:00 - 23:00
18:00 - 00:00
10:00 - 23:00
10:00 - 23:00
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חברים • ‪ספט׳ 2017‬
‪I spend great afternoon here on this 450 m long track with live timing system. The best lap is displayed over the finish line on board. During the race the crew pays attention to your safety, monitors the race and control it by the different color flags. Before the race your are given jumpsuit/overalls, thin head cover and helmet. The 270cc race karts were in good condition and pretty fast. There is small bar over the race track from which you can see the race behind the glass. One session is between 17-18€ depending on the day of the week. The location is suitable to have some party or corporate events . Have a fun.‬
‪Written 2 באוקטובר 2017‬
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Dear customer, We want to thank you for your good rating and your positive assessment. As you already know, Security is for us a fundamental aspect. Therefore, we try to improve it, and offer our clients the best efficiency in the race. We hope to see you another time, and we remind you that we have another race circuit in Madrid. This circuit will offer you new and rewarding driving sensations. Best regards. Carlos Sainz Center Kart & Business
‪Written 3 באוקטובר 2017‬
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