‪Rezerwat przyrody Wisla‬

חוות דעת על ‪Rezerwat przyrody Wisla‬, ויסלה

‪Rezerwat przyrody Wisla‬
‪אזורי טבע וחיות-בר‬
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3-2 שעות
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איפסוויץ', UK‪4,851 contributions‬
‪For trouts‬
מרץ 2019
‪This is quite unusual nature reserve, as it covers only waters in shape of streams, rivers and one artificial lake - so on a map it looks more like a spiders web, while all other neture reserve do cover more concise area, mainly with woods. But this extraordinary shape is due to a subject of protection, which is a brown trout habitat in this highest part of the Vistula River catchment, on western slopes of Barania Góra peak. The area of the reserve is determined by two source streams, (Czarna Wisełka - Black Little Vistula in south and Biała Wisełka - White Little Vistula in the north) which do join their forces in what is now Jezioro Czernianskie artificial lake. There're marked trails along both mentioned ource streams, which allow an insight into th reserve, but the subject of protection is probably seen only by specialists, nonetheless the area is very beautifull and very popular with tourists, especially for hiking. Local public transport has stops around the lake, so it is very easy to plan a trip around this area.‬
‪Written 20 באוקטובר 2019‬
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