‪Tembe National Elephant Park‬

חוות דעת על ‪Tembe National Elephant Park‬, ‪Sihangwane‬

‪Tembe National Elephant Park‬
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‪Very good‬

Renso S
‪383 contributions‬
‪Loads of neglected potential‬
משפחה • אפר׳ 2018
‪The natural environment here is particularly special and is worth seeing. There are very few animals left here. You will see elephants if you do at least 2 game drives, and some buffalo. We saw lions once, but overall it is very clear that the management of the number of animals is not very good.

The accommodation is good for a three star lodge, but then you pay enough so it is in line. The food is plenty but not good. The wine list is shocking.

The staff are all friendly, but some guests were told they are not allowed to speak Afrikaans on a game drive, so we will not be going back. Anyway, in a few months the last animals would be gone.‬
‪Written 13 במאי 2018‬
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‪39 contributions‬
‪Elephant Tusks‬
חברים • ינו׳ 2017
‪Tembe is one of the last "wild" reserves in South Africa.
On the border of Mozambique and in the far north east corner of SA, it is truly off the beaten track.
Tembe is home to some remaining Tuskers and has a rich history of elephants that roamed that area. With limited accommodation options, you are sure not to be stuck with many people around, adding to your experience. Check out the "Tembe" option on Africams for a taste of the area.‬
‪Written 11 באוגוסט 2017‬
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Pepperell, MA‪3 contributions‬
‪Fantastic, Authentic‬
משפחה • יולי 2017
‪We traveled as a large group arriving on the 3rd July and stayed for 2 nights. On arrival, we were greeted by a large group of singing employees with drinks and hot towels. Baggage was taken to the immaculate, very comfortable tents. The entire accommodation area is surrounded by a very unobtrusive fence, and there is plenty of game in this area. Our guide, Patrick, was the best we have ever had- we have done many trips to game reserves over the years- and his knowledge, humor and insight was out of this world. The other facilities- food, common areas, support staff- were really top notch. I felt that my overriding impression was that this was a totally authentic experience. Lots of other reserves have a "canned" feel to them, not this. We saw lots of game, including a lion chase- and miss- a nyala, as well as elephants and lions very close by, and lovely scenery.‬
‪Written 16 ביולי 2017‬
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Paul R
בליטו, דרום אפריקה‪83 contributions‬
‪Lovely Place To Visit and Relax‬
חברים • פבר׳ 2017
‪This is our second time to Tembe Elephant Park in ZwaZulu Natal South Africa and on both occasions our visit was most enjoyable.
On your arrival you are welcomed by the staff/mangement in their traditional Tembe fashion. You are then taken to your luxury tents which you will find are exceptionally comfortable. Naturally no air-con but a very good fan which allows you to keep cool during to hotter months otherwise all the comforts of home. A lovely new dining and bar area were you generally congregate. No menu as food is a set 3 course meal which is very simple but good, and enough for any of the more ravenous amongst you.
Our game driver Vusi took us out twice a day once on your day of arrival, and the next day twice and once on departure. Each game drive lasted at least 3 hours, their knowledge of both animal and bird life is astounding.
We all found the animals both scarce and skittish, which may have been brought on by the fact that a cyclone had just passed by a couple of days earlier, or that there had been hunting taking place in the park which was support by the fact that on the arrival of our other friends they saw fresh carcass's where being taken out of the park.
The first two game drives we saw plenty of birds and little else. Thereafter the next couple of drives proved better, with plenty of Elephant at close quarters, and eventually the elusive buffalo herd, add to plentiful Impala, Nyala, Water Buck, and the odd Duiker. Bird life seem fairly good and confirmed by the bird enthusiasts with us.
All in all a lovely three days. To Tom, your managers and staff thank you for making our stay once again a wonderful experience.‬
‪Written 23 בפברואר 2017‬
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בירמינגהאם, UK‪304 contributions‬
‪Either you love it or ..‬
זוגות • ספט׳ 2016
‪We love it. We last visited Tembe 6 years ago and so were surprised by the amount of investment that’s taken place in the camp. Our tent (No. 3) was spacious, with lots of storage space and a wonderful outside shower (no bath, not bothered). We had two extremely large beds, but used only one. No. 3 is one of the more isolated tents, some distance from reception, the eating area, etc, and is right against the camp fence – perhaps that’s why we were visited by a pair of purple crested turaco – twice.

All camp staff are extremely helpful and work hard to ensure you enjoy your time at Tembe. Our driver/guide, Patrick, is esp. knowledgeable about the birdlife and provided us with a memorable viewing of four lions.

The food is substantial and just what’s required to fuel the two game drives every day. Overall, excellent value.

The only disappointment was that we must be the only couple to stay at Tembe Elephant Park for two nights and not see any elephants, other than on the webcam. The weather was cool and overcast and the elephants obviously didn’t want to show themselves. Still, there's always next time.‬
‪Written 5 באוקטובר 2016‬
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דבלין, אירלנד‪15 contributions‬
‪Tembe - Glamping with wildlife on your tent-step with elephants in abundance and the possibility of seeing the Big Five‬
משפחה • יולי 2015
‪Tembe National Elephant Park is part of Transfrontier project with Mocambique (and, ultimately, Zimbabwe and Botswana, one hopes) to re-create the elephant corridors of several hundred years ago, whereby elephants may roam freely through their historical routes. The Park itself is managed by the South African Parks and the KwaZulu Parks Board, but the tented area is staffed by the local Tembe people. The tents themselves are well beyond any notion of "glamping", such is their luxury: outdoor showers, indoor toilets and washing area; enormous bedroom, with ample storage facilities. The staff are exceptionally friendly, helpful and welcoming (guests are welcomed in song - and bade farewell in song, too!). The guides exceptionally knowlegeable and possess a fund of stories from their days of growing up in the vicinity of the Park. The food, all freshly prepared and cooked, often reflecting a European "take" on traditional dishes, is delicious.
Two game drives/day are included in the price - each is three hours - 6:30-9:30(approx) am (a light breakfast is served from 6am; a cooked one on one's return from the morning drive); lunch is at 2pm, with the evening/sundowner game drive going out at 3pm. Dinner is served at 7pm. Birthdays - provided staff are alerted several days beforehand - are a joy to behold: after dinner, the staff gather about, singing "Happy Birthday" in English; followed by the same in isiZulu - my mother was treated to an indigenous version of what I can only describe as the Sound of Music's "So long, farewell" as, one by one, the staff sang and danced their way off the floor of the boma.
Patrick was our guide throughout the five days we were there and a kinder, more thoughtful, as well as knowledgeable, person and guide I could not have wished for: my mother is disabled, yet NOTHING was too much trouble: he did more than anyone has in any of the other trips she's had anywhere in the world to make her stay one that will continue to live on in her memory.
On our third day, we decided to travel to the Border Cave. Again, Patrick was instrumental in making all the arrangements - which, as it transpires, was essential: he has all the contacts and had travelled there last year, so knew his way about. Very tactfully, he offered to drive us, rather than us using my mother's little Hyundai i10. Be warned!: although the Cave is only 60kms away, the last 30kms is HORRENDOUS and would do damage to the tyres and chassis of any ordinary sedan, let alone a small car!! The Cave is outside Tembe Park, on the border with Swaziland, high up in the Lebombo Mountains and provides the oldest evidence of ritual human burial in existence, suggesting the time when humankind became capable of abstract thought. The human remains/evidence date back to 115,000-90,000 years ago. The drive was spectacular, with Patrick pointing out all sorts of sights - for example, geological; varieties of human habitation; and describing huts and their formations, especially that of the local chief. By the time we arrived at the Interpretive Centre, the view was spectacular. Patrick accompanied the local guide and me down a fairly steep and uneven "path" to the Cave, which has a sheer drop of about 1,500m down into Swaziland and the rich farmlands below.
We returned to Tembe for lunch, and then back out on a game drive during which we saw lions, buffalo, elephant and numerous antelope. The following day, we tracked the spoor of a large pride of lion and smelled the fresh markings of leopard, but - alas - the bush was too dense for us to see them. Others, however, on other vehicles, having taken different routes, did see both the lions and the leopard - but that's the luck of the draw of a genuine wildlife drive!
Of all the wildlife parks, on several continents, that I've visited, Tembe is by far and away the most memorable - and memorable for all GOOD reasons! We were privileged to be able to stay five days: I hope to return some day - and stay for at least that length, if not longer. It's wonderfully relaxing and, simultaneously, exciting - the unpredictability of it all - elephants just a matter of three or four metres away - the privilege of seeing these glorious beasts "up close and personal" is never to be forgotten! THANK YOU to Patrick and to Tom Mahamba, Tembe's Hospitality Manager and to ALL the Staff: you made a wonderful stay even better!‬
‪Written 1 בספטמבר 2015‬
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