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‪Hotel Sin Nombre‬

‪Calle 20 de Noviembre 208‬, אואחאקה 68000 מקסיקו
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המשתמש cfk906 כתב חוות דעת אפר׳ 2021
cfk90611‏שיתופים28 הצבעות חיוביות
While the hotel is beautiful, most hotels in this part of town are equally beautiful. This hotel is just not worth the money they charge. There at least dozen hotels that are nicer and better run within a stones throw of this one. The rooms are sparsely appointed and because of the architecture of the doors & hotel, it's impossible to sleep if anyone else in the hotel is awake. The rooms have no sound insulation or air conditioning units to drown out ambient noise. Additionally, the rooms are very poorly ventilated, most rooms have no windows at all. We stayed for nearly a week and the hotel did not have any hot water to shower. While this may not be a problem for many, at this price point of room it's unacceptable. The wifi network was poorly configured and impossible to find a signal execpt in certain parts of the hotel Something easily fixable if they at all cared about guest experience. The restaurant is not part of the hotel so every charge is handled separately, a poor experience both at the time and upon checkout. Most other hotels at this price point offer breakfast included so don't go here for this ripoff reason alone. While the food is good at the restaurant, it's very expensive and not fully thought through. The only thing available on the dinner menu is a fixed price tasting menu, which is annoying if you're a hotel guest and just want a snack. The hotel room doesn't have a safe, something that eveyr single Mexican hotel room has. During out stay we tried to provide this feedback and the management of the hotel simply didn't care. There are SO MANY other options in Oaxaca City, stay clear if this dump.
מידע נוסף
תאריך השהייה: אפריל 2021
איכות השינה
עצה לגבי חדרים: stay elsewhere
הצג עצות נוספות לגבי חדרים
2 הצבעות מועילות
המשתמש David P כתב חוות דעת נוב׳ 2020
סן פרנסיסקו, קליפורניה6‏שיתופים4 הצבעות חיוביות
For our fifth visit to Oaxaca we were so excited to branch out from our usual spots and try the Hotel Sin Nombre. Unfortunately, our experience was a terrible one and we cannot recommend this hotel. tl;dr staff acknowledged unusable wifi in rooms, deafening street noise, and lack of ventilation/AC but offered no solutions. Given the abundance of beautiful alternative lodgings with none of the aforementioned problems you should have no trouble finding a better place to stay. Full disclosure: we visited in November ‘20 for what was effectively the property’s second week open. My sincere hope is that they can improve the property and work out the kinks. We reserved a queen - it was windowless and tiny for the price. Fortunately the hotel had availability in a King. While the King was a much larger and more liveable space it was also exposed to deafening street traffic noise at all hours from a busy street next to Oaxaca’s busiest market. Closing the heavy wooden shutters helped block a little bit of the noise (still enough to keep you awake at night) but made the room impossibly stale and hot, even with loud portable fans deployed. Oh, and the wifi. It didn't work, the staff knows, they claim it's unsolvable in an old building. If you are reading this review and like to stay in boutique hotels in places like Oaxaca you have likely stayed in many properties with old stone or masonry construction and realize what a joke this excuse is. Everyone else figured it out. Beyond the street noise (less than ideal location), wifi, lack of ventilation, windowless rooms what else should you consider? Perhaps that the hotel knows these are problems but was rather unapologetic about them. Finally, at the time of our stay the hotel wasn't serving food and drinks on the roof deck but should they begin to do so I bet it would be lovely. We had to go to the lobby to order drinks. It wasn't the end of the world but the end result was that many guests abandoned their drinks/food on the roof and they weren't cleared. Was it beautiful? Sure. But there are other beautiful, better situated, wifi accessible, well ventilated perperties with polished service. Steer clear of Hotel Sin Nombre until you can be sure these problems have been addressed.
מידע נוסף
תאריך השהייה: נובמבר 2020סוג טיול: נסיעה בזוג
4 הצבעות מועילות
המשתמש Pamela L כתב חוות דעת ספט׳ 2020
El personal era muy amable y respetuoso, al momento de hacer mi reserva, me respondían en forma y tiempo. Las habitaciones son muy bonitas y limpias, el hotel en si esta muy callado a pesar de estar en medio centro de Oaxaca. El restaurante tenia excelente servicio con un increíble menú vegano.
מידע נוסף
תאריך השהייה: ספטמבר 2020
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