‪La Baer Inn‬

‪La Baer Inn‬

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‪#25 of 41 motels in לייק טאהו (קליפורניה)‬
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מידת ניקיון
3.0 מתוך 5 בועות
3.0 מתוך 5 בועות
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המשתמש backthatup0782 כתב חוות דעת ינו׳ 2008
4.0 מתוך 5 בועות
a friend and i stayed at this hotel for a night. it's a simple place that was affordable. we din't mind that the place didn't have any amenity, because we weren't planning on spending any time there with so much to do around. the bed was comfty and the room was well sized. also the staff was friendly, which is always a plus.
my favorite part of the place is this giftshop roof top excisable from the second floor. a neat place to chill and people watch.
all in all, i liked it and would stay there again.
מידע נוסף
תאריך השהייה: מרץ 2007
3.0 מתוך 5 בועותתמורה
3.0 מתוך 5 בועותחדרים
5.0 מתוך 5 בועותמקום
3.0 מתוך 5 בועותמידת ניקיון
4.0 מתוך 5 בועותרישום הגעה / דלפק קבלה
3.0 מתוך 5 בועותשירות
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המשתמש GenoNorthridge_CA כתב חוות דעת יולי 2005
לוס אנג'לס, קליפורניה
2.0 מתוך 5 בועות
This place seems like motels of 50 years ago when facilities were much more modest than the average hotel of today. The structure is a two-story L-shape wood-sided building that sits on route 50 a scant 100' from the Nevada line. I could find no internet photos, but on the outside it is much like the adjacent and higher-rated El Dorado Inn. On the positive side, the room was clean and seemed freshly painted. The mattress was ok, but not especially comfortable. The person at the check in was friendly. On the negative side was that we arrived on a very warm day to a stuffy room with no air conditioning, just a desk fan. So with the door and front window open you wait for the temperature to drop to a comfortable level which may not be until 2am. Your choice is to listen to noisy traffic heading to the casinos or try to cool your room. Unfortunately the bathroom window was corroded shut and it had no exhaust fan, so to borrow from what they like to say in Nevada "what happens in the bathroom stays in the bathroom." The place had no identifiable amenities such as a refrigerator, pool, spa, breakfast, or sitting area and the lobby, while being remodeled, had racks of summer clothing for sale. The cable TV (the amenity) had snowy pictures on all channels above 50. Given there must be two dozen older motels just below this one toward the lake that do have a few comforts, I sure would look there first. There are just too many alternatives to spend a sleepless summer night here.
מידע נוסף
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‪La Baer Inn‬ - לייק טאהו (קליפורניה), קליפורניה - חוות דעת על המלון - Tripadvisor

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