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‪OYO 12318 Hotel Sea Horse‬

‪119, Dadonpatrabar‬ Mandarmani Beach Road, ‪Mandarmani‬ 721455 הודו
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המשתמש Tirthankar B כתב חוות דעת נוב׳ 2019
Really experienced a good stay. Hospitality is awesome. Fooding is also quite good. The hospital staffs had taken a lot of care in respect of service. Though could not get a view of the sea beach but the beach is very near to the hotel.
מידע נוסף
תאריך השהייה: נובמבר 2019סוג טיול: נסיעה עם משפחה
תגובה מאת OYO_Team, Manager ב-‪OYO 12318 Hotel Sea Horse‬
התגובה נרשמה: 27 בנוב׳ 2019
Dear Tirthankar, Greetings from Oyo! Thanks for applauding, we're delighted to hear you loved our administrations. The biggest joy lies in seeing our guests satisfied, for which we are working day and night to meet your expectations. We would love to stay updated and posted with your future reviews as well. It has been an honor to be at your service and these sincere words mean so very much and we look forward to welcoming you at (Property name) and serving you with refined ambience and excellent service in the future. Have an incredible day ahead :) Warm Regards, Vishal
מידע נוסף
המשתמש avik c כתב חוות דעת יולי 2018
גלזגו, בריטניה4‏שיתופים
•Location is very bad. Very far from main Sea Beach. You have to take an auto. •AC doesn't work when electricity is not there. We check in at 11 AM in the morning but till 12 mid night , we had AC for only 2 hours. We had to call OYO customer care and suddenly there was electricity within the stipulated time given by OYO representative. •Room is full of small cockroaches and lizards • There was stain in the bedsheet • Hangers in the bathroom of Room 1010 were broken •But the staffs are very helpful but they are always looking to get some extra money from your pocket.
מידע נוסף
תאריך השהייה: יולי 2018
מידת ניקיון
סוג טיול: נסיעה עם משפחה
עצה לגבי חדרים: None of the room that we got are good enough
הצג עצות נוספות לגבי חדרים
המשתמש SubhashisMandal כתב חוות דעת יוני 2018
נוידה, הודו305‏שיתופים89 הצבעות חיוביות
Been to Mandarmani for a day with extended family and stayed in this property. Pros: + Awesome food. Food tasted homely, less spicy and oily + Dev was awesome in room service. Everything was served on time Cons : + Location was 7-8 km before designated Mandarmani beach + Green area around the hotel was maintained at all + Access to nearby beach area was difficult + The lobby has a single fan. Waiting at lobby is tough during this summer + Average maintenance of rooms and wash rooms Overall maybe considered for an overnight stay not more than that.
מידע נוסף
תאריך השהייה: יוני 2018סוג טיול: נסיעה עם משפחה
המשתמש Abhranil M כתב חוות דעת נוב׳ 2017
With very few options available to me in the last few hours of starting my journey to Mandarmani i had to book this hotel for 1 night on Nov 4th, 2017. Since there were no reviews about this hotel in Make****Trip or Go***bo i was very worried if i had made the right choice. Honestly speaking i thought that i would check the hotel once i reach there and if it doesn't suit me then i will check other options after reaching there. We reached at the hotel at 1:30 pm and just near the entrance the manager was ready to welcome us with a happy smile (I was not convinced though). After completion of the formalities the manager took us to the assigned room. As we have booked a Superior AC room we found that the room is positioned in the ground floor. Although the room was excellent and had no problems at all but we were a bit hesitant to stay in the ground floor and asked the manager if he could acommodate us in some other room in the first floor. The manager was so kind and courteous that he moved us to a Deluxe AC room in 1st floor (Room No. 11) and that too at no extra cost. The room was excellent with all the falwless furnishings and paints. The toilet was also very clean. We were highly satisfied with the accomodation. Soon after we settled in the room the waves of extra ordinary services started pouring in. The star (DEV - 7797030139) of the Hotel who was in charge of the hospitality of the guest was always prompt to serve us in every possible way a guest could have been served. With his down to earth and hard working attitude he made sure that we truly experience the meaning of Atithi Devo Bhabaya. Talking about the cuisine almost all the hotels in Mandarmani is always a bit pricey in this department. The good point though about this hotel is that even though the prices are at par when compared to other hotels in Mandarmani, the taste and quality of the food is awesome. Food is always served hot and fresh. Hence nothing much to complain about it. The only drawback of this hotel is that there are no sea views from any rooms in this hotel. To reach to the main Sea beach you can take a motor van that will charge 10 rs per head. But trust me guys, the distance to the main beach is negligible when compared with the un-parallel hospitality and care that we have received this hotel. Overall Kudos to you guys for making my stay a pleasant one. I would surely stay over here if i get a chance to visit Mandarmani again.
מידע נוסף
תאריך השהייה: נובמבר 2017
איכות השינה
סוג טיול: נסיעה בזוג
עצה לגבי חדרים: Try to book room number 11
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Hotel Sea Horse
הודומערב בנגלמחוז מזרח מידנאפור‪Mandarmani‬
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