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‪La Pace Boutique Suites‬

‪Ha Perach Begani 275‬, חד נס 12950
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המשתמש Tahelswissa כתב חוות דעת אפר׳ 2019
10‏שיתופים6 הצבעות חיוביות
המקום נראה מעולה בדיוק כמו בתמונות!!!!!!! אוירה טובה שקט ורגוע, בעלת המקום הייתה מקסימה ושירותית ודאגה לנו לכל מה שביקשנו וגם המליצה לנו על מסעדה מעולה לארוחת ערב (מושבוצ). הארוחת בוקר הייתה מאוד טעימה ומושקעת. תודה רבה בהחלט נחזור שוב !!!!
מידע נוסף
תאריך השהייה: אפריל 2019סוג טיול: נסיעה בזוג
1 הצבעה מועילה
המשתמש Love good food כתב חוות דעת אוג׳ 2016
לונדון, בריטניה44‏שיתופים27 הצבעות חיוביות
Ok so I need to begin by saying that the hosts are very nice and hospitable people, it's tastefully decorated (although a little shabby in places), pretty clean, having a private swimming pool was really lovely, and for a couple La Pace would be a great little bolthole if it wasn't SO expensive for what it was. It clearly has some potential but honestly, for the price we were charged per night (more than some 5* hotels), it was just not up to that standard, not at all. We travelled as a family, 2 adults, a 2 year old and a 1 year old. Here are some of our issues: 1.. Wires left hanging out from the television, our baby and toddler just wanted to play with them. Total hazard. Wires should be fixed into the wall. 2.. Wifi never worked at all, for our entire stay. Annoying as husband needed to do some work but this was impossible. 3.. No nice view and not a secluded location. From the images on various websites, we were led to believe that there was a lovely view from the cabin. This couldn't have been further from the truth. The truth being we were in someone's back garden in a suburban area, with NO view other than other houses and a fence. For us, we wanted to feel like we were in Israel, see the Kinneret and feel like we were near nature, it didn't feel like that at all. 4.. Overlooked by some other houses into the garden/pool area so not actually really private or secluded. Adding some trees here or there would solve this issue somewhat. 5.. The floorboards were SO creaky and loud. Honestly, I've never heard such loud floors, and we tried to tiptoe to the toilet!! To the point at which they woke our baby (who then refused to resettle for 3 hrs... Cue very tired and miffed me). I obviously brought this up with the owner as we were then ready to leave after that first horrendous night but she claimed that they have never had complaints about it before (something I do not believe), and she would still have to charge me for the 2nd night stay, even if we left. Very frustrating. 6.. No cooking facilities in the cabin. It's meant to be self catering so therefore cooking facilities should be available. 7.. Noisy building works going on at one of the adjacent properties. I would have liked warning about this! Drilling and the like began at 8am. Early morning swim and breakfast in the garden completely marred by the racket. 8.. Remote control battery cover broken. Total hazard around young children. Personally, for 1200 shekels per night, this place is ridiculously overpriced and should really sort out their prices and all the issues I've raised as the potential is there... although there still won't be a nice view.
מידע נוסף
תאריך השהייה: אוגוסט 2016סוג טיול: נסיעה עם משפחה
תגובה מאת lapace_hadnes, Owner ב-‪La Pace Boutique Suites‬
התגובה נרשמה: 3 באוג׳ 2016
Hello dear YAMIT, While booking I told you that the view unfortunately obscured due to the construction of a house across the street and an order form explicitly wrote that there may be a result of construction noise. Also it was explained to you (and listed on the order form) that the rooms are non-smoking and the possibility of cooking. Nevertheless, we allowed you to cook at our private home dinner for your family free of charge. For wireless internet, unfortunately the problem was on your phone, I showed you that I am able to access from my mobile to the wireless network. Too bad you forgot to specify that your children have done damage to the cabin wall and you refuse to take responsibility for the damage and yet do not charge you for it. It is important to note that customer received compensation in the amount of NIS 200 just to feel satisfied and full of satisfaction. I'm sorry you feel that way after a YAMIT superb accommodation and compensation received.
מידע נוסף
המשתמש JD28204 כתב חוות דעת אפר׳ 2014
אשוויל, קרוליינה הצפונית632‏שיתופים222 הצבעות חיוביות
I stayed here with family and friends and thoroughly enjoyed my stay. The rooms are large, nicely decorated with a modern decor, and have many amenities. The location is ideal for exploring the Galilee and the Golan. Had Nes is a much better location than Tiberias. There were views to the Kinneret, but they were somewhat obstructed. Breakfast is served either in your room or at the lovely table outside. This would be perfect for a romantic weekend getaway as well. I would happily stay here again.
מידע נוסף
תאריך השהייה: מרץ 2014
מידת ניקיון
איכות השינה
סוג טיול: נסיעה עם משפחה
עצה לגבי חדרים: All the chalets are lovely. Make sure to settle your charges the night before departure in order...
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מסעדות שנמצאות במרחק נוח כוללות את ‪St. Peter's Restaurant‬, ‪Invito‬ ואת פיצה מרגריטה.
האם יש אפשרויות לאימון כושר במלון ‪La Pace Boutique Suites‬?
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כן, הנכס נמצא במרחק של 0.9 ק"מ מהמרכז של חד נס.
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