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‪Residence de Combelouviere‬

‪Doucy Combelouviere‬, 73260 ואלמורל, לז אבאנשה-ואלמורל צרפת
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המשתמש 869stephens כתב חוות דעת יולי 2016
montreal45‏שיתופים17 הצבעות חיוביות
This review is for those North Americans who would like to hike or just soak in the superb atmosphere of the French Alps. I say for North Americans, because the French are quite used to arriving at their family vacation rental apartment with their own towels, soap, dishwashing liquid and toilet paper. They know they will be handed sheets and pillow cases on check-in and they will need to make the beds. Blankets ARE supplied; as are pots, pans, bowls cutlery etc.etc i.e. all the required kitchen fixings including microwave and a coffee maker (no toaster though). There is good wi-fi, and satellite TV (but: only 3 English channels). If all that sounds too rustic for you-please read on because my wife and I have travelled the world in style yet we keep on coming back to this place year after year! Why? The area is absolutely gorgeous!!! This building, called "Beauregard" has approx. 30 apartments of different sizes: all with balcony overlooking an intersection of 3 valleys with breathtaking views. It is extremely busy in the winter as there is a ski-lift that connects the area further into the valley to Valmorel's main lifts, but in the summer it is occupied by vacationing French families with their kids; and unlike North American families, their respect for silence and privacy mean that you can hear a pin drop by 9PM! The apartments themselves range from very small to very large. Pricing goes according to the number of beds; but we choose to pay approx. EU550 per WEEK for an apartment with two 2 separate bedrooms with 2 beds or queen; plus a mezzanine loft (it also had 2 beds), a spacious living room, a dining area with expandable dining table, 2 separate bathrooms, a kitchen with 2 medium sized fridges and a dishwasher. The balcony accommodates 3 lounge chairs. The unit can EASILY be shared with another couple and some kids, if need be. The building is one of several buildings there managed by Doucy Reservations 04-79-24-38-79. (If your French is rusty-ask for Catherine). We stayed at the building called "Sappey" for years, which was a 7 minute walkover to Beauregard-itself; right next to the simple restaurants, grocery store, bakery, ski shop, social hall and washing machines. There are activities for the kids and guided hikes offered for a very reasonable price. The community pool is in a beautiful setting. There is a marvelous hike that starts right behind these buildings and goes for hours and offers 360-degree views. Spectacular!
מידע נוסף
תאריך השהייה: יוני 2016
מידת ניקיון
סוג טיול: נסיעה בזוג
עצה לגבי חדרים: all rooms have great views.
הצג עצות נוספות לגבי חדרים
המשתמש cgoLorraine כתב חוות דעת מרץ 2011
Lorraine2‏שיתופים13 הצבעות חיוביות
Nous avons passé 1 semaine de vacances au VTF les Carlines à Doucy Combelouviere (station de Valmorel). Le domaine skiable était vraiment bien, la maison familiale bien située par rapport aux pistes de ski, les animateurs sympathiques, le seul problème fut la nourriture. Les cuisiniers n'étaient pas compétants, à chaque repas le buffet n' était pas pret, il fallait constamment attendre après les differents alimentd et attendre que les cuisiniers sortent de la cuisine, ils étaient très mal organisés et très vite debordés. La nourriture n'était pas bonne, on se croyait à la cantine. Un soir nous sommes arrivés à 20h 10 pour diner, le service était jusqu'à 20h30 et surprise nous n'avions plus rien à manger, c'était soirée tartiflette on nous a donc fait réchauffer le reste des plats non terminés. (On était tout de même 11 personnes à la table à chaque repas) Nous avons fait part de notre mécontentement au directeur qui n'en a pas tenu compte, de toute façon il ne participait pas à la vie de la maison familiale et n'avions pas droit au bonjour.
מידע נוסף
תאריך השהייה: מרץ 2011
מידת ניקיון
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סוג טיול: נסיעה עם משפחה
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