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‪25/36 Moo 5‬, קו יאו נוי 82160 תאילנד
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שדה התעופה הבינלאומי פוקט34 ק"מהצגת כל הטיסות
Krabi Airport40 ק"מהצגת כל הטיסות
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כולל ארוחת בוקר
חניה חינם
כולל ארוחת בוקר
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5 כוכבים
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26.2 ק"מ אל Krabi Airport
3.6 ק"מ אל ‪Khlong Muang Beach‬
נונג טאלי
26 ק"מ אל Krabi Airport
8 ק"מ אל ‪Ao Phra Nang‬
קהאו ת'ונג
27.3 ק"מ אל Krabi Airport
1.3 ק"מ אל ‪Ao Tha Lane‬
נונג טאלי
26 ק"מ אל Krabi Airport
3.7 ק"מ אל ‪Khlong Muang Beach‬
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First the good: beautiful bungalows, with charming gardens and very comfortable bed. Location is ok. No breakfast, and the coffee place nearby is just ok. BUT the negative for me was significant in making my stay in Ko Yao Noi unwelcome and unpleasant. the communication between the manager and the booking agent is non existent and they took it out on me. Have never been so mistreated and insulted. First of all, my booking was cancelled when the manager did not communicate with booking agent that I would be arriving 1 day later. I had called the listed number lseveral days before and had requested a 1 day arrival change from the manager and he assured me it would not be a problem. To my surprise I received a cancellation notice at 21:00 the night before my arrival. there was no one to reach per phone. I sent emails, and tried calling several times that night and the next morning. I finally reached someone around 10:00 the day I was due to arrive, correcting the mistake - again I heard “no problem”. When I arrived there was no one there to greet me, there is no reception, and the staff from the nearby restaurant pyramid did not know what was happening and were not so welcoming (besides 1 smiley nice man). In the end They had reinstated only 1 night, However i was staying 2, and they wanted to charge me for 3 which is ridiculous especially since they were informed and agreed to the changes. The following day I had a meeting with the booking agent, and before I had a chance to sit down she starts to talk about money and accusing me of a no show. She refused to accept that I had spoken to the manager, suggesting I was lieing. She said she did not know what I was talking about and the manager was of course not present. The e mail I sent In response to the cancellation was too late according to her. She became sarcastic, flippant, and dismissive. When I tried to explain the confusion, especially as to why I called and not emailed (was at Khao lok with no service) she said that it was “my problem” Later the manager, who was previously friendly, then accuses me of being “selfish”, and it only got worse. He insulted me, saying my profession was to work on the side of the street (which is a pretty creative insult I must admit), cursed me out, and lost his temper. Completely unprofessional. He told me not to ask him any more questions about traveling and connections. I should have listened.... The next day in what I believe was a gesture of truce, he organized a taxi for me to go to pier for Ao Nang, BUT he told the driver to take me to the wrong pier, causing me nearly to miss the ferry. I had to pay for 2 taxis. Can’t prove it, but seems on purpose.. Needless to say the experience really made me sad and gave me a horrible impression of Thailand since it’s my first time. Having worked In hotels during college in NYC, it was always emphasized that the reason people return to an establishment is for its service, and they failed completely. These bungalows are designed for bourgie Europeans. They are clearly in The business of only making money and spreading that Phuket resort bungalow setting, without the experience of good hospitality, listening and communicating clearly. And a nice garden and comfortable bed only goes so far. After visiting other places, I learned that There are many many and i mean many other places that are much better to stay in.
מידע נוסף
A chaque fois que je programme un séjour à KOh Yao Noi c est ici que je loge. Les chambres sont propres grandes et le personnel très à l écoute du client. Vous avez le restaurant les pyramid juste à côté ou vous pouvez déguster des mets et de la cuisine thaï de très bon gout. J adore cet endroit...A bientôt
מידע נוסף
Je suis restée à Mookdamun une dizaine de jours. Tout y est parfait. Les Bungalows sont propres très équipés avec air conditionné et douche chaude. Juste en face d'une superbe plage. Possibilité de louer un motobyke sur place et de se restaurer midi et soir. Le" Staff" et le" Boss" sont aux petits soins. Je vous conseille cet endroit vous ne regretterez pas... Moi j'y retourne dés que possible....
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